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what's the size of the sweatshirts?
freebump for a cool jacket
anybody had their ebay account locked because of "unauthorized use of account" ? I got e-mail about it his morning and at first I was like another scam message but then I couldn't log in to ebay and when I'm trying to change my password it asks me like 4 times for verification code and then it goes "page not found" this shit is unbelievable
is it weird to wear Gyakusou for non-sporting activities? School and such this hoodie for example
Quote: Originally Posted by nomad this is the trove jp online store, dont see any eu/na stockists though. pieces look great, and construction appears to match up. stuffed vest is fw10- beautiful! [[SPOILER]] I was looking at the anorak a while ago but they only make it in 3 different sizes and all of them are sold out. Trove looks cool but I'm somehow not sure about the quality.
I'm planing my first trip to NYC this september (staying for 7 days). It's gonna be pretty much the regular sightseeing/restaurants/shopping trip. I have to choose now which days I'll be staying there. So the question is do I want to avoid 9/11 or it doesn't matter. I don't know at all what to expect from the anniversary events. Is the ceremony going to affect the traffic or opening hours in lower Manhattan etc?Thanks
if I'm being offered a 2nd chance offer on ebay just hours after the end of auction it's most likely scam right?
does he still post?
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