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Toronto, Canada doesn't have a Filson store and the Levi's stores here are shit. Levi's Canada is the worst store ever. Levi's rep take note of this but I'm sure none of them are on styleforum or any other forum. They don't even carry LVC, or any selvedge denim. Just the basic modern shrink to fit 501 selvedge version, which super baggy whether you size down or not. Anyway, just want to let people know that I tried on all the Levi's trucker jackets at the Levi's store even...
pit to cuff (bottom of the sleeve).
Michael Williams is the Don Corleone of this blog shit, brah. Just got my Filson x Levi's Trucker today from the Filson website. Paid $258 including shipping to Canada. Crazy, I know. I ordered a Small and this shit is tight. Just packed it up and sent it back for a Medium when they do get it hopefully on Sept.21st according to their site as of today. They even updated their entire site navigation. I can fit into a the J.Crew x-small Red Chambray shirt and usually...
What's the point of these Denim bags or Denim Duffle bags? Doesn't matter who makes them. It looks cool but just doesn't make any sense for wear. The idea of rubbing indigo all over your close while wearing these duffle bags just boggles my mind. Maybe I'm missing something here.
Also, please don't swear. There's no point to it. It just makes you sound weak. We're all friends here, man. No disrespect. I also forgot to mention that I plan on using this jacket as a light rain jacket light those vintage oiled Belstaff jackets. Quote: Originally Posted by adamha21 Sigh.... I haven't called anyone out for wearing faux workwear. I even just said in my last post I'm a fan of fashion inspired workwear or "faux...
adamha21, to say that this jacket is what you would wear while working in a barn is very close-minded. That's like saying people who wear raw denim are trying too hard cause it hasn't been worked in. Also, this jacket has only been out for about a week and you think that dude you saw wearing this jacket was trying too hard??? A jacket with a nice patina takes time no matter where or what the jacket is being used for. On a side note, Americana/workwear stuff is being...
I called everywhere as well. It seems like each Levi's store only received 1 or 2 of the same size for each Tin Cloth Tucker jacket and most store never received a size Medium. Something tells me the Medium size Jackets are still being shipped or may never.
SOLD. Mod please delete this thread. Thanks.
I ask the same thing when I get shipments from South of the boarder.
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