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Quick question...should I be getting a small or medium Alden shoe tree for the Ravello Wingtip Boot and Longwing both in the Barrie last size 8D? I was told Medium but someone said that cordovan may stretch overtime. I thought that cordovan doesn't stretch.
I have a Whiskey Longwing and the Ravello Wingtip boot - what's the best cream or polish to use out there for them and should I be using two different brushes for them? Plus, what's the difference between the black horsehair brush and white horsehair brush? Help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Sorry meant to say 8.5D Leydon last not 8.6D
Just wondering about any Alden Lonwing owners out there. I have the Longwing in the Barrie last in a size 8D and just wondering how they fit you guys exactly. If you put your foot in and push your toes in unlaced, are you guys able to stick 1 finger or pinky finger in the heel? I'm just wondering if I should size down a half size, which means I would be sizing 1 full size down from my 8.6D Leydon last shoe? I'm also wondering if it's because the dress socks I wear are...
Anything with a Commando heel just looks clunky no matter what type of last, IMO.
I got the photo from here today. A must look for Alden heads:
Does anyone know which shoe last the longwings in the very middle of the picture is? It's definitely not on the Barrie last cause the one on the right looks more like it's on the Barrie last. This one has more of a round toe box, which I like.
Quote: Originally Posted by mbrokerny Just bought some shoe trees for my roy boots, they seem kinda tight, how tight are they actually supposed to be? I just bought a pair of Roy Boots as well in a size 8D. Which shoe tree size did you get? Wondering if I should get an Alden size Small or Medium Shoe Tree.
If I have a Leydon Last boot in a size 8.5D, what tree shoe size should I be getting? Also, is there a certain code inside the shoe/boot to tell which last it's on? Anyone? Appreciate the help.
Also, my waist for pants is usually 30-32" to give another point of view about my size.
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