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Quote: Originally Posted by harrythedog so i'm debating on a pair of shell indy's from the madison ave shop (thanks for the tip)! my only reluctance is the hand sewn stitching. will alden ever revist the machine stitching, or is this how it is going forward? anyone got inside scoop? Hand sewn stitching is more worth your money cause one of the sewers poked themselves with the needle, it makes your shoe extra special. Worth the labour and money...
I'm not too sure if this has been answered but how long those Alden Rochester Red Cedar shoe trees last? I have a few and the red cedar was pretty strong 6 months ago and I can't really smell the cedar anymore. They I barely take them out of the shoe maybe just a couple of times in the last 6 months so just wondering how ofter you're suppose replace your shoe trees or not.
PM me if interested.
I'm selling Bernhard Willhelm white suede sneaker.
Flat Head 3005 - Pre-soaked Straight Classic Sz.32x36 - SOLD Filippa K - Black Leather Driving Gloves Sz.Medium - SOLD APC New Standard Sz.31x36.5 - SOLD Flat Head - Red Chambray Long Sleeve Sz.40 - SOLD J.Crew Red Chambray Shirt Sz. X-Small - SOLD Brand New Levi's Capital E Hesher Fit - Slim Straight Sz.30x34 - SOLD POLO Ralph Lauren Long Sleeve Hunting Shirt w/ Brown Suede Elbow Patch- Small BNWT $90US Shipped. Retailed for $160. Brand New With Tags. P2P:...
Quote: Originally Posted by kiya That's because pre-washed denim is washed with acetates and softeners which are harsh chemicals with lighten and soften the fabric. Cool! Thanks, good to know that.
Quote: Originally Posted by kiya This is false, jeans do not age drastically by washing or soaking them. Wear fades the jean, not washing. I sort of agree and don't mean to start an argument/debate but how is it that if you compare a raw denim next to a pre-wash denim (both brand new) the pre-wash denim is softer and lighter in shade? Again, not trying to start an argument here. Just always wanting to learn from a Denim Master.
Quote: Originally Posted by masshi How much shrinkage could I expect in the waist and crotch were I to do that? Would it be drastic? I don't know man, but from my experience andything that is hot soaked and then put in the dryer whether it's inside out or not will totally fade. It's pure science.
Quote: Originally Posted by x_quest Just got a new pair of Indys a week ago... is the sole separating from the welt normal? Theres seperation thats big enough to fit a business card through on both the left and right shoe. Man, looks like Alden's quality control is going downhill on the Indy's. Seeing too many complaints about soles separating. Probably cause it's the most mass produced item from Alden.
testing again and failing.
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