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Looking for this shirt from Context Clothing. I will pay retail value. Thanks!
I'll pay top dollar for Gitman Brothers Vintage Ecru Overdyed Oxford 12 Gitman Archive 1978 from Context Clothing in a size MEDIUM. Anyone?
I'm selling these Bernhard Willhelm Sneakers on eBay brand new.
Price increase in due to Hipster in demand, people. Alden shoes are a trend right now whether you like it or not. Just look and all the Mens Hipster stores like Union Made Goods, Oi Polloi, the Bureau Shop...American Heritage Hipster wear. Just bought some Alden Indy's made in China. Problem solved.
Anyone know any good products for the preventing the Bridle leather straps on Filson bags from cracking and drying up?
Quote: Originally Posted by volatile That's a sick jacket!
Too many Hipsters with Alden Indy's, man. You need to get this Alden Roy Boot Size 8D!
Quote: Originally Posted by interlockingny Leffot has them on the Barrie Last. Yeah, but I was hoping to get the Sand Suede version in a Barrie last. Leffot only has the Snuff Suede.
Quote: Originally Posted by Epaulet Hey guys, We just got a fresh delivery of our "West Egg" Longwings in Sand and Snuff. They're on the Leydon last & flex-welt sole. Sand Suede Longwing: $450 Snuff Suede Longwing: $450 Man, I wish these were on the Barrie Last.
Selling Alden + Context Roy Boot 8D, Vintage LL Bean Vintage MAckinaw 38 with Talon Zippers, Vintage Barbour Beaufort 38.
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