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Last chance today to own the Michael Bastian Gant Rugger Homerun Varsity jacket in MEDIUM.
A Medium is on eBay.
I"m selling this Gant Rugger Homerun Varsity Jacket designed by Michael Bastian.
The above post was reply to this. Forot to add the quote.I'm still looking to buy this pair so OM me and I'll pay a lot more than retail.
This is why I'm posting here because Leather Soul sold out within 5 hours and they're sales usually goes to the locals first.
If anyone has the Alden Ravello Short Wing in a size 8D (brand new and unworn) please PM me and I will seriously offer to pay more than the retail price.
Selling this brand new and never used Saddleback Leather Large Thin Briefcase in Dark Coffee Brown. It's just sitting in my closet in it's plastic bag and I have no use for it now with a different kind of job. Bid started at $99 eBay bidding is ending soon.
Saddleback Leather Large Thin Briefcase no reserve starting at $99
Down anyone know if the Fall/Winter 2011 Blue Chambray shirts fit a little bigger than usual for the new season? I that the Japanese had this problem.
Why are you giving measurements from the two stores that have completely different measurements? What's the actual measurements on this shirt you're selling?
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