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Where did you end up buying these?
Is this still for sale? If so what size shirts do you normally and what's your height, weight so I can have a reference to see if the Medium will fit because they're measurements seems really small and I normally wear a Medium for Levi's denim jackets.
Are you still selling this jacket?
Are you still selling this?
Seeling Brand New in box Alden Pitt Boots 8D and Perfecto Brand brown leather jacket.
Selling Garret Leight Eyewear.
Selling The Flat Head 3009 size 33.
This Perfecto Brand leather jacket is ending today.
eBay auction ending May 5th, 2013. Schott Perfecto Brand, Mister Freedom, 3sixteen, Garrett Leight Hampton Sunglasses...
I'm selling 3sixteen SL-220x Double Black Denim, Schott Perfecto Brand Runaway Jacket Brown Cowhide, Garrett Leight Hampton Optical Chestnut Clip On Sunglasses...
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