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Questions: 1) Did they discontinue the Rudy fit? 2) As a SFer, can I return final sale items?
Looking for brand recommendations for pleated pants. Single reverse preferred, but I'll take a look at anything. I've been in low-rise flat-front SW&D land for a while, and have no idea where to start. I've read good things about Zanella, but that's a bit more than I want to pay. Please don't turn this into a discussion about personal tastes. I'm looking for pants that fit, and am exploring my options. Thanks in advance.
Long story short, I have a slim waist and built thighs/ass from ice skating when I was younger, and ballroom dance now. Now I have a desk job with an Aeron chair, and the pants I was getting by with (JCrew classic fit, urban slim fit) are feeling tight in the crotch. I manage now by unbuttoning them and loosening the belt up a notch. Anyone else have a similar issue? Any tips? What brands do you wear?
I'm looking for a green lightweight puffer jacket, like this. https://www.jcrew.com/ca/mens_sale_events/25OffFallFavorites/outerwear/PRDOVR~B0591/B0591.jsp?color_name=classic-forest Any others you guys would recommend that aren't JCrew or Uniqlo?
Finally snagged a pink oxford in my size!
How often do they restock? I've been watching a few styles for a while with no luck.
Thanks for the tip. The rep. in the store helped size me for both pieces, then ordered it over the phone. Ended up paying less than $250.I'll probably be wearing them separately most of the time - the jacket as a sportcoat, and the pants for fun.
I wear a slim medium in J Crew, and wear 40 in TS.
Can a shoe be too expensive for a wardrobe? I really have my heart set on a pair of Alden LHS in #8 shell, but they'd be the most expensive article of clothing I own. This would be over a Ludlow suit, a SuitSupply suit, and a ~$300 blazer. I already have a pair of black AEs captoes to wear for formal occasions, so this would be my first nice, general shoe.
I'm looking for something with a slightly wider lapel. Brooks, J Press, PRL... what other stores would you say are J Crew level, or a slight upgrade?
New Posts  All Forums: