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You missed the joke.
Cuffed sweatpants are great. S fits nicely (without being tight) on my 5'7 145 self and looks even better on my 5'4 115 lady.The inseam is longer than the UU ones, so if you're taller you'll still be ok.They aren't your size.. they'll be huge. Doesn't help that they aren't slim. Don't do that.
2 years ago when I was in school... I dress way worse now.
SOLD Worn five months. Had the hip taken in slightly to fix the 301s' huge seat area. Now I am too fat to wear.. $150 includes shipping to the lower 48. Feel free to message with questions!
SOLD This is the original Filson classic. $160 includes shipping to the lower 48 states. Fantastic condition, but I don't need a bag for work anymore. Feel free to message with questions. Thanks!
Source: http://www.unionmadegoods.com/Alden_Laguna_Six_Eye_Chukka_in_Natural_Chromexcel_86590_9410.html Wore these for three weeks before giving up. They're just too small. Almost brand new, shoe tree'd, etc. Shoe bag, shoe trees, original box included! Shipping to lower 48 states included. Feel free to message me with questions! My other listing: Alden Indy 405 + Vibram Cristy Resole (8E): http://www.styleforum.net/t/347836/alden-indy-boot-405-vibram-cristy-8e
Lightly used 405 resoled with Vibram Cristy. I've had the boots since 2010, but they've seen under 60 wears total. They simply don't fit me correctly, and it's finally time to clean out the closet. Very good condition, shoe treed, etc. Someone looking to have a little bit of fun with a classic shoe might love the idea of this resole. Shipping included to lower 48. Feel free to message with questions! Alden x Unionmade Six Eye Laguna Chukka (7.5D) Natural Chromexcel:...
Their support socks are my favorite socks. Much more substantial than their normal ones plus they hug your feet in a comfortable way. Give it a shot if you're curious.
20% off of 70% is 14% C'MON MAN
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