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Where did you find raw D02s? And how would you say the fit differs?
Them Hedi eyes even
Anyone see raw blue D02 or D10 for preorder anywhere yet? End has raw blues but they're D01..
APC sale is live
Solid fit.I probably would have gone with 30 but since they were out, I pulled the trigger on 29s - do you think they'll be too small if I usually wear 30 (Acne, etc.)?
FYI black D10s here for $304 shipped to US (sz.29, 31+):
Norse Store dropped a lot of their sale stock to 50% this morning and added some new inventory as well.
You have to expect that people are going to ask questions/discuss sales, but you can't expect people to post sales twice (once in each thread). The only logical format is to have a thread like this (SF is first and foremost a forum) and another thread with owners dedicated to updating (ex. What Toasty [was it Toasty?] did for BF 2013 or Fok's BF & Holiday sales threads) and providing to the rest of us what you're asking for.If you want this thread, go ahead and make it,...
30% off select Oki-Ni (VIP Sale) code: VIP30
Also available here for $245 shipped in sizes that Forward is out in.
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