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Norse Store dropped a lot of their sale stock to 50% this morning and added some new inventory as well.
You have to expect that people are going to ask questions/discuss sales, but you can't expect people to post sales twice (once in each thread). The only logical format is to have a thread like this (SF is first and foremost a forum) and another thread with owners dedicated to updating (ex. What Toasty [was it Toasty?] did for BF 2013 or Fok's BF & Holiday sales threads) and providing to the rest of us what you're asking for.If you want this thread, go ahead and make it,...
30% off select Oki-Ni (VIP Sale) http://www.oki-ni.com/en/promotions/vip-sale code: VIP30
Also available here for $245 shipped in sizes that Forward is out in. https://www.oki-ni.com/en/shop/footwear/maison-margiela-stone-leather-and-suede-replica-sneakers-010363.html
APC sale is on: http://usonline.apc.fr/sales/menOn the site mane: http://usonline.apc.fr/the-ferris-pxanm-h02260#Beige&13
Folks, I just found out from this http://imgur.com/a/BSwLe album that waxed flesh can be done in natural chromexcel. I know it's late to be changing makeups, but I've been on the fence about #13 (despite my early support) but I'm 100% in if we can switch the leather to this lighter shade of brown. I am proposing: **13. The "I-Can't-Fit-Into-the-2030-Because-of-My-Fat-Feet" Waxed Flesh Service Boot Model: Service Boot Last: 110 Leather: natural waxed flesh Leather...
Same - I originally backed 110 but I'd like a sleeker look for the office. Other waxed flesh guys how would we feel about 1035?
I'm drawn to the idea of a no pull-tab no speed-hook naked beau. edit: This would also most differentiate our model from its pictured inspiration. That said, pull tab utility is real so I'm ok with them if it comes down to it. Speed hooks I hate.
+1 for these.If it comes down to it I'd take cat's paw soles or speedhooks, but I like these as is.
I'm in for this. Plain toe waxed flesh on 110, danite or commando sole, no speed hooks.
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