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Quote: Originally Posted by fcuknu I agree 100% on this, "better maker" loafers are always too old man for my tastes. Same, i second that. I feel like when you read these boards it's hard to maintain you're own style bc people will say Edward Greens are better so often. I love my prada loafers but a lot of people will tell you they are crap. i feel like some of those people are giving you their opinion but other people are regurgitating...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jared Letting them out is the right thing to do. For slim pants, buy what fits your thighs and have the waist altered. I never heard this thinking, but it makes perfect sense. I have some pants that look very sloppy, mostly because they are baggy in the thigh area.
it looks like a tattersall pattern.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sprezzateur Just picked up this bad boy. I can't believe I'm about to say this... but I can't wait to iron some shirts. holy crap that looks awesome.
Quote: Originally Posted by youngscientist Buy the best quality shoe you can afford to replace. If some shoes are at the absolute top of your budget you will worry about them everytime you wear them. Out of almost anything you wear shoes probably bear the brunt of everyday activities the most. You will end up avoiding wearing them if it is raining, or to a bar where people might step on them, and so on. You get more use out of a pair of shoes you...
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Quote: Originally Posted by loveandhate I've been buying on B&S for years and have never had a problem. We have a pretty good group here. I will usually only buy from known sellers but in the few instances that I buy from others I'll scan their post history and take a look in the thread listed above to see if they have positive transactions on the board. ...says the guy with 11 posts . loveandhate scammed me for $50.
Quote: Originally Posted by Broadform wow -a scam for a lousy $50.00! He must have been really hard up. Broadform, true!
I Paid This Seller $50 On Feb. 2nd, As Of Today He Never Shipped. Do Not Buy From Him Ever. It"s A Scam
I love Otto on 5th Avenue and 8th street. It's great, fun, and inexpensive. TIP: On a good date change venues at least once. It will make the night seem longer and better. When you remember it later you could say remember when we went here and there etc.
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