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Got this from denim bar. Fits too big on me. Unworn but hot soaked once in the hope it would shrink. Comes with all tags. Color is more of a gray than true black. Last pic shows the color best. Measurements: wasit: 17" inseam: 34" thigh (at crotch): 11.5" front rise: 10" hem opening: 8.5" $75 + shipping from australia.
All prices not including shipping. Shipping is cheaper within Australia. I can get more measurements and pictures if needed. Uniqlo x Plokhov jeans White Size L. These were hemmed by Uniqlo to a 33" inseam. Unworn with all tags attached.. Measurements 16.75" waist 33" inseam 10" rise 11" thigh at crotch 7" inch opening $55 + shipping APC Turtleneck #1 100% wool. Dark Maroon. The material is thin and stretchy. Unworn. Pit to pit:...
I've bought another pair of shoes so I won't be getting these anymore. Thanks though.
Interested in a 10.5.
Sorry, I forgot to mention that I would prefer more conservative colors. (white patterned, blue etc). Don't think I am able to pull off yellow, green, pink etc Thanks for the offer though.
So I just got a job that requires a more formal dress code than I am used to. This has led me to realise that there is a distinct lack of dress shirts in my closet. Being in Singapore, I have no access to H&M and the Zara shirts here didn't fit very well. My measurements are 15/33. Slim shirts would be great with a chest size of not more than 45". Looking at about $25-50 per shirt, preferably new. Thanks.
So I've decided to order the L size thunderbird next week. A bit expensive, so I'm still up for suggestions on a cheaper alternative.. Undecided on the color though. Either light or dark brown. Will post a review once I get it. (
Payment sent. (36 & 38 smooth black)
PM Sent.
Anyone with experience with this seller 13bcrazy ? He's selling a couple of ghurka bags I may be interested in.
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