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The best way is to go Uniqlo, the quality will not be saville row quality but for the price that you are paying the cut and fit of the suiting is amazing. I purchased a black two button suit that I wear all the time, if you are lucky enough to find a suit there that fits you well it doesn't matter how much pay, it really comes down to fit.
The beauty of this place, and the Internet for that matter, is that you have a voice, thanks for the heads up brother!
I'm still incredibly selective on what and where I spend my money, seeing as it's scarce. I'd rather have a few amazing pieces then a bunch of things that are only a 6 on a scale of 1 to Awesome. I'm going to mainly purchase vintage intermingling with a few pieces from the upcoming season. I want to pass my clothing down to sons and grandsons, imagine handing your son a Van Noten suit to wear, just have to be smart about what I get.
How responsive have the designers at the Capsule shows been to answering questions and spending time with you guys as a representation of styleforum? And are most aware of what styleforum is?
Magician, please explain to me how any clothing has instinct, let alone, killer instinct. What are you talking about man?
The aftermath of winning the gold against the Americans, insanity in downtown Toronto.
She's amazing, i've never heard anything like her, cheers to devendra for introducing me.
At a party in my BOO
Great idea Jess, yes please post photos!!
Okay men, This may be difficult, as I am sure your wardrobe contains many incredible and useful pieces and choosing between them may be excruciating and create massive indecisiveness. But. What is the most invaluable piece of clothing in your wardrobe? We all have one, you all know what i'm talking about, the piece that we have to FORCE ourselves not to wear because we wear it so much. We've all had the internal debate: "no I can't wear it, everybody...
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