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Anyone want to bet that post-September iphones will no longer have this issue? They weren't going to admit a flaw because that would involve a recall of the initial 3mm models. The current solution minimizes Apple's cost to remedy the situation knowing full well most people won't go returning their phone and waiting for a few months for a hardware fix. It's definitely a half-assed remedy and it's going to be a huge "fuck you" when this supposed "non-problem"...
Well, to be fair, if you're at a shitty undergrad because you couldn't get into any good colleges, it's pretty likely your LSATs will be shit, too.
If it isn't T14, it's a TTT.
I pulled the trigger two weeks despite knowing about the new phones on the horizon. I've been playing with my Nexus non-stop. IMO, most of the new phones coming out just have incremental upgrades for the most part. Plus, I bought it unlocked on T-Mobile so that should save me a couple of hundred over the next two years or so. I really love this phone.
Well, I guess that explains your perspective on healthcare. Unfortunately, I can't say I agree with you after watching my oldest brother go through med school, residency, and working to pay off student loans.
Quote: Originally Posted by tom0472 As a doctor, I think that the cost of becoming one is not fair. Doctors should not be payed as much as they are. The miracles of modern medicine are developed by underpaid scientists and the crux of hospital care is carried by the poorly paid nurses. OP: do you have a swelling behind your knee? Do you feel a beat over the sore area? You're a doctor and you don't know how to spell "paid"? I bet you...
Not a specific race, but if you're a short guy, I think it's probably best to find a spouse the same height. If you continue to breed with an even shorter chick, your children will eventually be midgets. Sincerely, a short guy It's tough. Something I definitely can't do, but if you have the ability it's a good way to make money.
Lots of broscience in this thread.
Damn, I can't believe 24 is over. Been watching since high school and all through college. Great 8 seasons of entertainment.
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