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^ I think that was the punchline.
Banking has best exit opportunities, in my opinion. Can go to corporate dev or or almost any other aspect of financial services. Obviously if you're at MBB you're not going to worry about placement, but I think the average banking analyst has more opportunities than the average consultant.
Good script. Liked the ending, but I think I would have liked it more if it was definitive.
I can definitely understand that. My view may be skewed from experiencing hyper-competitiveness, but I don't think it's necessarily the right idea to say just because someone doesn't get an offer that you should attribute it to lack of hustle and preparation. My apologies for coming across as a douche.
It has already. I don't have to work in PR.
And how is that exactly entitlement? You think that when there are 200 candidates for 1 position, it's all about your preparation? Newsflash: there are several hundreds of people that worked out where they wanted to go all through out high school, undergraduate, post-grad work experience and MBA only to arrive at the wrong time. Seems like the definition of luck to me. Also, your own personal anecdote of "preparation" seems pretty weak to me. Going over a company's...
You honestly think just because I don't believe success is merely determined by "skill and preparation" means I blame everything on bad luck? Sorry, but for non-fluff competitive positions there will always be more demand than spots available. Tell your view to Wharton graduates of 2008 and 2009. I'm sure they didn't get that post-MBA associate position at KKR because they were unprepared.
Do you think that the Quarter 4 iphones will still have this problem? Maybe if there are no changes to the phone, then maybe your argument may hold some ground that Apple honestly doesn't believe it needs to be re-designed. On the other hand, if it is re-designed it will be an admittance of guilt and then we'll know the initial batches were flawed.
One of the most common human fallacies is the perception of luck as skill.
There's a lot of luck involved.
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