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Your odds are slim to zero. If you're class of 2012, you'll be doing internship recruiting in Spring 2011 which probably will not look great if the economy stays this tepid. Plus, the location of your school is a huge disadvantage because no one likes to go down South for recruiting with the exception of Duke. Just do a F500 engineering position. About 100x easier to get, pay isn't that shabby, especially if you're living in places where they typically headquarter and...
The first episode was by far the best. The rest of the season is either hit or miss, imo.
Quote: Originally Posted by Arrogant Bastard Incidentally, I think we're missing a very sad and under-looked side story here, which is that pretty much any non-law, non-finance, non-medical career choice these days is destined to place you so far behind the curve that it's not even funny. My MBA classmates who went into industry are now 30 and making $100-$150k in corporate gigs, plus a 5-10% bonus if they're lucky. And that's just the ones who could find...
What's with the holier-than-thou attitude? Same thing happened in the other thread about propranolol. If it works, and it does, who cares? I'm pretty sure that 10mg pill kept me calm through all the shitty brain teasers I was thrown in the most important interview I've had.
Quote: Originally Posted by darkdream But it pays less and has a lot of grunt work. I rather do something that requires more of my intellectual skills in quantitative fields like mathematics or computer science than reformatting a presentation and proof reading documents for hours. Wrong division entirely. Plus, initially breaking into academia isn't quite as easy as you might think, especially at any good university with a strong finance...
Just get them from your doctor. Easy enough to get - no dependency / addictive component so all you have to do is ask. It definitely works. I use them for interviews and presentations.
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS I had a client ask for this stair. Code wouldn't allow for an exact duplicate -- our good fortune. Ultimately I think we gave him a different stair in the same spirit. I really like that staircase also. Incidentally, I believe it was chosen because it resembles a DNA helix.
What is wrong with these people? They have no willpower. I went-- I once went twenty-eight years without having sex. And then again for seven years.
My dirty roommates. Toothpaste stains all around the sink two days after I clean it?
Yeah, seriously WTF is with the "they should be required to donate it away" attitude? Ever hear of an estate tax?
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