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Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley You too huh? Is that you, MarkI?
Religions of Asia. Ugh.
If you didn't work as a finance major, you would be massively fucked for a job after graduation. Not so much for med school. Different boat, entirely. Anyone that says "it will prepare you for med school" is an idiot. If you don't get in, you're going to be stuck with a shitty liberal arts degree teaching high school biology.
Most of the people I know that bragged about working full time during school either went to a shitty school, majored in a joke major, had a terrible grade point average, or all of the above.
What the fuck does Laboof's character do? Absolutely ridiculous.
Well, then don't be afraid to further mooch off your parents. What's another couple thousand on top of $200k? Seriously though, med school admissions are no walk in the park. All the people I know that went to any half way decent med school spent a shitload of time studying (and 20 hours a week is a good amount to be losing).
It's great as long as you don't want to root it. If you don't know what that means, just ignore the previous sentence. Android is a great OS and the Droid X has pretty significant hardware. Just make sure you see it in person first because it is pretty big.
If your end game is to go to med school (which pretty much means not making money til you're at least 30 and having 200k in loans), might as well give up the relative chump change you're making now and focus on school.
We'll see. As the article says, this isn't the first time astrophysicists have prematurely creamed themselves over an "inhabitable" planet. Quote: Current technologies won't allow scientists to study the planet's atmosphere for chemical signs of life
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