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Quote: Originally Posted by ConcernedParent Prestige of undergrad factors into grad, no? That shit don't fly any more. Maybe in 2007, but no more. If you decide to stick out a philosophy major, you better have significant internship experience in your targeted field. And honestly, knowing what everyone thinks of studying philosophy as a major (a joke), why would you choose it in the first place?
Quote: Originally Posted by Mal I would like to know what you plan on doing with a philosophy degree that isn't going to require more schooling making any choice now essentially irrelevant. This.
CFA is worthless without any experience. You'll be spending hundreds of hours for an additional three letters next to your name, but it doesn't really matter that much unless you're already in the industry. As someone studying for Level 2, I will tell you it sucks. Horribly.
Half your age minus seven, max.
Cayenne pepper is supposedly good for you, but this is from word of mouth. I've never actually looked into it.
Cafe Mogodor is solid. Essex is good too, but expect huge lines.
Quote: Originally Posted by phreak Is it still 'political suicide' for a politician to propose these types of suggestions up in the US? I've heard that talking point countless times before, but surely it cannot still apply Not at this unemployment rate and current public sentiment.
Quote: Originally Posted by pebblegrain even though you have peaked my interest, the point is mute Subtle. I like it.
Quote: Originally Posted by DCPHIL This is getting both amusing and silly. I am not diverting anything. You do realize that you first replied to a post of mine with nothing more than a link. I asked you to respond to my points. I can articulate my thoughts in writing, and was hopeful that you had the capacity to do the same. Respond to what, exactly? Your entire post was purely anecdotal. If you had read the study, you would have seen that...
So a study that was done in 2005 by Princeton is too old? You're such a joke. How about you respond to my post before trying to divert the topic?
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