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Well, to be fair, the vast majority of people got it wrong - I wouldn't expect McKinsey to be any different.
Dumb move by Groupon, almost as bad as the move by Jerry Yang. Purchase price was 10x revenues, way too inflated.
Amerikur, u screwed.
Quote: Originally Posted by Arrogant Bastard Finally, the ugly truth laid bare for the unfortunate uglies of the world to digest, and, in acceptance, to know their place. Also, the silhouette in the article has some awesomely perky tits. I like how the picture is on each page of the article. It's like she wrote the article just for men.
http://www.amazon.com/Power-Some-Peo...0914373&sr=8-1 Some good insight to keep in mind when climbing up the corporate ladder.
Restaurant of the Chinese variety.
Quote: Originally Posted by frenchy right thats why Toyota had the largest safety recall of any car in history and Hondas start rusting after 5 years GM, Ford, Tylenol, Lehman, Bear, Merrill, AIG, the US Government. Piss off.
I find the article amusing considering college admissions in Canada are a complete joke compared to the level of competition in the US. Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS Not to be stereotypical, but from my personal experience the bulk of 'over-achiever' Asians I have met tend to be great and studying / working but tend to have no personality, which is problematic as they climb the corporate ladder and spend more time discussing company-related...
If you plan on going to grad school in one form or another, then no, I don't think a transfer would be necessary - USC is good enough name for that. Take some business related classes as electives and then do one of those 1 year masters programs. Off the top of my head, the Duke one sounds decent.
Invest in an Aeron chair
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