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F500 Corp Fin. Analyst for now... so bottom of the totem pole.
Been packing all day and getting ready to move out of my apartment tomorrow. I feel for you, it is quite horrible and I barely have anything. Surprisingly, clothes end up weighing more than you might think for shipping.
I was in a similar position when I recently graduated. Expect a pretty significant pay cut across all levels compared to consulting and especially to finance. Lifestyle is pretty decent and work seems okay in industry, but compared to the financial services firms I interned at, it's definitely a much slower pace. Not sure what your goals are, but I think the career progression in industry is more linear (and potentially easier) whereas a lot of banking and consulting...
"She put a bag over my head..." "Still counts!"
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2010 finance grad, ended up with 3 data points to compare non-NYC Corporate Finance within conglomerate: ~58k NYC Investment Management: ~90k NYC Principal Investing: 95k+
Took a F500 finance rotational over a few pure financial services positions at smaller shops. My only complaint as of right now is over monetary compensation, but the job seems okay.
Good reputation, but ultimately I think it depends on where you want to work post-MBA. Europe or US?
Quote: Originally Posted by Reggs That's not what a slippery slope is. Besides, you shouldn't go around persecuting people for crimes that are related to some actions. English, please.
Quote: Originally Posted by Reggs Give me a break. They are adults. It's weird, but I fail to see a victim. How much do you want to bet shit like this usually begins way before the child becomes an adult? It's a slippery slope.
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