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Depends on how solid the buyside shops are. I wouldn't necessarily consider buyside -> b-school -> buyside again as an easy route. Not to mention the uncertainty/lack of advancement opportunities at smaller firms.
Damodaran is the man. He normally only teaches at the graduate level, but taught Corp Fin one year to the undergrads - probably the best class I took during my four years. Keep in mind though, academic valuation is fairly different than what's used in practice (not sure if that's good or bad).
My favorite sci-fi show. So glad it got renewed.
Pretty sure V won't come back next season (based on their ratings and what happened in the finale). It's a shame, I liked the show. And Laura Vandervoort sure was easy on the eyes.
It's the Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna.
I was pretty neurotic about sending thank you emails during recruiting. I honestly believe people don't care whether you do or don't.
F500 Corp Fin. Analyst for now... so bottom of the totem pole.
Been packing all day and getting ready to move out of my apartment tomorrow. I feel for you, it is quite horrible and I barely have anything. Surprisingly, clothes end up weighing more than you might think for shipping.
I was in a similar position when I recently graduated. Expect a pretty significant pay cut across all levels compared to consulting and especially to finance. Lifestyle is pretty decent and work seems okay in industry, but compared to the financial services firms I interned at, it's definitely a much slower pace. Not sure what your goals are, but I think the career progression in industry is more linear (and potentially easier) whereas a lot of banking and consulting...
"She put a bag over my head..." "Still counts!"
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