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Although Blackstone is famous for their private equity, they also have a very active advisory arm for M&A and restructuring.
Quote: Originally Posted by username79 A lot of the banks in NYC are having trouble filling their incoming analyst classes. Serious trouble. If you went to a top school and have good grades (GPA >3.5) and an interest in finance I have no idea why you wouldn't get a spot at this point. As for the job, horrible hours, menial work, and mediocre pay. I think a decent first year analyst might make 115 with bonus this year (with bonus taxed at 50%). If you...
Wharton is... well... Wharton. BusinessWeek and anyone that trusts its rankings are delusional. "Students boasting about the school's commitment to ethics, Catholic beliefs, and passionate professors helped land Mendoza in first place, ahead of University of Virginia's..."
Vincent Freeman - most awesome character, ever.
Quote: Originally Posted by CuffEm Yea, I doubt I'll get it. I've read its mainly for women and like science majors (non-business majors) This is true. But, if you're an URM female majoring in Biology, your odds of getting into the program are pretty damn good I believe the acceptance rate for the first year was nearly 3x greater than the traditional acceptance rate. Picked up for another season, nice. I've only had a chance to watch it on Hulu, but Diversity Hire was pretty damn funny.
Considering the academic ranking of MIT, I think a high share of fug chicks is to be expected. Same goes with all the other higher caliber institutions. HYP, UChicago, Northwestern all have a very large percentage of unattractive females. Don't see how this is anything surprising.
Come on, do a search on the professor. It's obvious he has an ego. Maybe if he was Damodaran that flipped out it would be more acceptable, but in a MBA marketing class? What a joke. The official survey.
"Picture your world without mommy dearest!" "Jesus Christ! He's got an erection!"
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