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Quote: Originally Posted by TheD0n And 1% who ya blow? I wouldn't doubt it. Biggest ho I know got investment banking summer analyst position.
Recruiting is probably 66% meritocracy and 33% connections based. Just my opinion.
Quote: Originally Posted by grundletaint he must dress pretty fly or something Daddy issues are more likely. Maybe grandpa issues.
The chick that plays Alex used to date Jeff Goldblum
If your hair sticks out when it's too short, then most likely not. Despite his hair length being relatively short, it still falls flat naturally. I have fine, thin asian hair and well, it kinda sucks.
I have no problems with it. If an athlete is willing to do what's necessary to be more competitive, more power to them.
Can you dumb it down a bit?
Same with me, I've seen results with just the simple caloric deficit but I just wanted to check with some more people to see whether the ketogenic diets were worth it. I do want to try it out, but it's just so much easier to get the majority of my calories from complex carbs, not to mention much cheaper.
Apparently Blake Lively doesn't even work out. I wish the rest of the population shared her genetics.
Just to clarify, I'm not a total newbie to weight lifting and dieting. My diet is very clean, just much carb heavier than most bodybuilding sites recommend when in a cutting phase. What I'm wondering is whether it will make a difference whether my diet is 60% carbs/25% protein/15% fats vs. 20% carbs/50% protein/30% fats (assuming that my carbs aren't refined and I'm not taking in excessive saturated fats) if I'm already in a caloric deficit? Not worries regarding the...
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