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A regifted Montblanc pen. Think I've used it once.
15%? I'd certainly like to know what you're investing in.
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan However, there is often a self-knowing hyprocisy and jealousy underlying such bigotry. Growing up, it did not escape me that the same white parents who denounced Asian American students for being soulless when they beat their own kids in school, sports, art, music, etc., secretly schemed to get their children in with very same Asian-exclusive Asian tutors or piano teachers who were spreading all the...
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH We are. By buying all of their garbage and using their labor. I hope you weren't serious.
Currently flies below the radar, but definitely a good bet for the future. Small class sizes compared to most b-schools. From what I've read, Yale SOM has a small endowment, but the school is also "unnamed" so if they ever decide to go that route, I'm sure they can raise a good amount of money.
I was cracking up last night. "Where's the other one? Greasing up in the bathroom?"
Quote: Originally Posted by panther2k I've been working in NY in investment banking since graduating undergrad last May. When buyside recruiting picked up ~ a month ago I realized I'm much more interested in doing my own thing than continuing to work for someone else. The sudden "realization" of banking analyst herd-mentality? Make no mistake about it, fund raising is incredibly tough.
Mmmm... that's some good no-no juice.
Quote: Originally Posted by otc Eh...most people here don't seem to be "Woe is me". They seem to have accepted that they work it (and there is an odd sense of pride amongst fresh ibankers of how much they work...obviously a coping mechanism but whatever) I used to want to work that many hours until I actually had to do it. Then I realized how much it sucked.
And just so I add some value to this thread, what do you mean by "corp fin". Finance function at a financial services firm? Finance function at an industrial company? Business development? The BIWS modules have my recommendations, assuming you mean modeling for business development.
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