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What a horrible way to go.
The Red Viper.
GE Capital is still 50% of GE's net income so I wouldn't say drag is the appropriate word. Maybe on the stock price being valued as a financial company.
Just finished reading the '08 Sebastian Faulks James Bond book, Devil May Care. Thought it was pretty entertaining. May have to read Fleming's books for fun when I have the time.
Quote: Originally Posted by allaboutshoes Mike Bloomberg (officially) takes the subway everyday. How is wish I was a peasant like him... $20 billion dollars later. Not exactly.
"Play with her ass."
Have you practiced the standard behavioral questions? Tell me about yourself, strengths, weaknesses, time you worked in a team, time you failed, etc. etc.? You should have all the standard ones and your story by memory and be able to recite it without sounding fake. Having stories and examples that can answer numerous questions is also recommended. That and 10 mg of propranolol one hour before an interview.
A regifted Montblanc pen. Think I've used it once.
15%? I'd certainly like to know what you're investing in.
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