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Apparently australian comedian Jim Jefferies is a huge pinball machine fan. Was interesting to hear him talk about it on a podcast (I think it was Nerdist).
I guess my question was more general if you can die from a running car in a garage with a newer, car, regardless of what gas does it...
I was watching House of Cards last night, and a thought came to my mind... Is it still possible to die from carbon monoxide poisoning in a garage with new cars with all their emissions controls?
This article is for Jarude: http://deadspin.com/the-haters-guide-to-canada-1527872839
I thought he mentioned he was in a rush or distracted and he drove it into the side of a parkade speaker box or something? Or am I imagining things?
Haven't been following the post-game reaction, what's going on with the fans?
FB buying WhatsApp messenger for $16b
Too close for comfort for Canada vs Latvia. What a goalie.
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