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lol the fact kwilk advocated for truffle oil at one point.
Mgm: all about that bass.
Love me some roast bone marrow and parsley salad... I'm salivating thinking about it
I want to get a wooden shower mat, is there much functional difference between teak and bamboo? e.g. slip resistance or water resistance?
All that space and no place to sit, wtf.
Not this http://www.styleforum.net/t/159212/my-quinoa-smells-like-semen
I'm perfectly content with being the wingman.
Our team beat the chippy old white guys 6-1 to win the quarter final series 2-1. My line, typically the 'checking' line, was on fire. I got first assists on two goals and made a good defensive play to set up a third goal.
I used a digital probe temp and it did get to 160F, perhaps next time will go by visual indicators as mentioned. Thanks for the insight!
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