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I usually make lunch for the week and have the same thing. Not sure if I could do both lunch and dinner. The main thing is it's gotta taste decent even after reheating.I can't for the life of me choke down a dry plain microwaved reheated chicken breast.
I was just gonna come in and post about these... Levi's should re-brand and re-market their 501 Shrink-to-Fit as 'crossfit-friendly' jeans and double the price.Also, fuck the slogan "Functional Denim"
Just got email confirmation of my reservation for Au Pied de Cochon! Foie Gras poutine here I come
Some sh*t was going down near my apartment. Snapped this pic for fb but thought lights looked cool with the reflection from the wet street.
Internet = serious business.
Domino's Launches Pizza with a Fried Chicken Crust /neo
Not dumb: Who to unfriend on facebook
Bob Nicholson would be a good get.
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