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I'll just leave this here... Today in Vancouver: Edit: even worse up close... Driver is supposedly only 22:
Depending on how well it's mounted it on your dash, it might be better to not display at all considering a license plate pretty much acts as a flying razor blade in the event of an accident.
walked right into that one.
But, but... Milan Lucic is beyond good right now.
I didn't know there was still an apple product that had a removable battery
Just caught up on the first two eps. The second episode was truly, awkwardly, cringing-ly hilarious. Especially at the end with the waitress at the beginning.
Bump, the second season has been humming along nicely. IMHO it is up there with Louie in terms of quality, but less random. Some of the episodes were truly emotional without being preachy, especially ones with Pete (?) and his daughter.
lamb is serious business on sf. You should know better.
I imagine frustration and annoyance of biting your tongue just before a trip is akin how women feel when they get when their period just before a trip.
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