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I hope you bought the second mechanic a nice 6-pack after that!
This girl is using her Facebook feed as her personal list of things to watch and to read later on. Literally, she notes "saved for later" for each of her posts. Bitch there's a reason your browser has bookmarks.
http://jalopnik.com/2014-lotus-evora-s-will-it-baby-1589770828More from the series: http://jalopnik.com/tag/will-it-baby
Thinking Adidas & Puma?
^ bring back Proud Mary
For private jets you'd need "fuck-me" money... where you have so much you don't mind fucking yourself over in order to fuck over somebody else... different than the far less wealthy "fuck me" money.
My mom says I'm cool.
This local story caught a bit of buzz recently: Vancouver couple struggles to make ends meet on only $25,000 a month: Shed a tear for Eric and Ilsa, the one-percenters who can't catch a break http://o.canada.com/news/blog-news/we-are-all-eric-and-ilsa-579555
Stage-Right Shark / House-Left Shark doesn't quite have the same ring to it.
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