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True, but Surface started out with RT as well. Considering they featured the cpu in the ipad pro as a pc-level cpu rather than your typical tablet/mobile cpu, I wouldn't be surprised if down the line it'll run OSX proper.
Apple users didn't 'get' the iPhone 6 Plus either, until they finally used it.The MS Surface has been relatively successful AFAIK, having the convertability of tablet and but power and capability of a laptop is pretty handy once you get to use it.
Really enjoyed this article:
In GF's case, he probably meant Blackcock H.A.M. footlong.
Magnus Walker haters out there are schadenfreuding all over their pants right now after he smashes his 227:
I am attending a 5 year anniversary dinner of a friend that they're putting together. While I thought it was simply a get together among friends, it seems like they might be fronting the bill. Though it wasn't clearly stated, I suspected it may be the case after they asked my choice of entree. This brings up a few questions... 1. Should I bring a gift? 2. What kind of gift? Cash might be a bit gauche? 3. What if I misread and they aren't paying? Advice? Are anniversary...
Apparently it's not even mainly used for dick pics any more. My brother told my mom to get snapchat to keep in touch
Pretty much same here
Anybody got any good pressure cooker techniques and recipes? I just ordered one awaiting delivery. There's a few interesting ones from seriouseats I'm looking forward to trying (stock, risotto), as well as doing BBQ ribs in them.
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