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Edina, where'd you hit up while in Vancouver?
Some-BAH-DEE once told me...
Oceania considered 'upper-premium', which is a step between RC, Princess, Holland America and the full-on luxury segment of Regent, Silversea, Crystal, etc. In terms of price point and amenities alone Oceania's travellers should be quite different than Royal Caribbean.
Mid-sized luxury brand name ships and cruises such as Oceania, Regent, Crystal, Silversea, Seabourn should have the size and amenities of a larger ship without the Royal Caribbean/Carnival crowd. They should also have decent food options with restaurants from Pepin (Oceania), Nobu (Crystal) and Keller (Seabourn), often which are included with your cruise or with a relatively small additional surcharge.
WTF is up with FB's wall algorithm? Seems like nowadays more than half of the stuff on my FB wall is less friends shared updates and posts and more notifications of all the the dumb shit they like and comment on.
What is GF's BF%?
Fat friends who post their general health issues on Facebook to gain sympathy... The latest is one person who went to Disney Land and got some sort of blood hematoma in her foot that got infected because of a blood clot and had to spend her last day in a hospital bed. Pictures and all!
Did you use an architect's discount to buy furniture?
I've always said, the toughest part about doing Tough Mudder is not announcing on FB that you are doing Tough Mudder.
This goddamn kelp that is supposed to taste like bacon and is healthier than Kale.
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