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Well, he specifically eats chicken breasts instead of chicken thighs, so that totally makes up for the macarons, Lucky Charms, and Five Guys.
I have a feeling with the new metal-framed Note 4 / Galaxy Alpha and the new iPhone 6, the gap between Samsung and Apple phones is narrowing.
Whenever I see a larger person/family at the grocery store their carts invariably have tons of groceries and food that come out of a cardboard box.
Moto360 still has the advantage in the looks department. Unfortunately the Moto has terrible battery life.
One more thing... iWatch?????? Edit: Boom.
I'm middle class and I eat out daily: I really did take this photo at a local 7-11.
Terrence Howard
lol the first picture I thought were the IRL individuals that the movie The Blind Side was based on (if it even was based on a true story?)
Well the photo is not of the actual unit, just an example.Was looking more for ideas as otc mentions where there really is no other alternative to place the TV on another wall. I've researched mounts that will articulate out/down in front of the mantle, but the mounts on the wall are often still visible.I was thinking worst case scenario build a sort of stand that would wrap around the fireplace unit (assuming fireplace sticks out from the wall) and is hung as flush as...
Next gen Miata unveiled yesterday, I am digging it. Shaves 200+ lbs off of the last gen NC.
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