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I find it interesting how less than a year ago Master-Classter came in looking for basic personal finance info and looking at stable, diversified 'couch potato' ETF portfolios, and now he's wheeling and dealing, strategizing picks for individual equities. The lure of dem gainz from this thread is addictive to say the least.
You'd think after fifty-some odd years your roommate would have learners better!
I have so many keys and fobs... not bragging... it's a pain to carry especially when wearing a suit. Apartment fob apartment key mailbox key locker key apartment public doors (garbage, guest lounge) key another apartment key I don't know what it does (new apartment keep it on in case I lock myself out of something) Car fob Car key (separate car fob & key = sign of the plebe?) Office drawer lock Office door key Office building key Office building public area key
Someone's been reading LuckyPeach.com
I shave black truffle on top of my Dominos meat lovers.
I don't like the lumping in of people who enjoy food to foodies. Due to the cooking I bring to work for lunch (i.e. not your typical PBJ sandwiches), I often get labelled as the office 'foodie'. Yes I have an interest in food and cooking moreso than your typical individual, but I admittedly still enjoy the occasional Dominos Pizza or a McDonalds burger, which foodies would sneer at.
I hope you bought the second mechanic a nice 6-pack after that!
This girl is using her Facebook feed as her personal list of things to watch and to read later on. Literally, she notes "saved for later" for each of her posts. Bitch there's a reason your browser has bookmarks.
New Posts  All Forums: