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Remember when a member on here said Amazon's R&D department basically throws shit on a wall and see what sticks? Well... Introducing the new Amazon Echo: http://www.amazon.com/oc/echo/ref_=ods_dp_ae
Oh, I saw that on SNL. I thought they were making fun of Iggy Azalea.
Who the fuck is Sia and why is she popular?
Only thing that looks iffy is the cheese, some kind of queso or velveeta-like processed cheese-like product?
Not a stout, but try Vancouver Island Brewery's Eisbock, Hermannator. Definitely full-bodied and sweet.
What about Quinn and the fatty?
Anybody following the new season? It's pretty good, no more ludicrous unbelievable plot points.
Considering the earnings at TWTR and GOOG, I am happy with even. Edit: down 6% AH
Looks delish. Where can I find the recipe?
BusinessInsider is merely Buzzfeed for pretentious business people .
New Posts  All Forums: