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Any experience/insight on the new fangled powerlifting shoe (unfortunately branded on their 'crossfit' line) from Reebok designed by Mark Bell? Looks like a nice upgrade from Chucks, doesn't look too shabby either.
You're a legend, good sir.
http://www.valuewalk.com/2014/03/facebook-inc-fb-cto-mike-schroepfer-sells-25000-shares/Thoughts? I went in on this recent drop as well...
I thought it was "Konyay"?
Guys, what aspect of functional strength does this workout train?
Pushing rope?
Suck it up, it's clearly a typo. They have no obligation to offer you free shipping. I hate clients/customers like yourself.
I would love OP to review this pizzeria: Why a Dallas Pizzeria Charges $1,000 for Ranch Dressing
Whoever that is, he looks like the Lead Singer of fun.
The appeal is you can post it on Facebook and tell all your friends.
New Posts  All Forums: