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We're planning to getGood to know, as a dog is in the mix once we settle down.So no loop/berber... Any other particular features we should be looking for if we want a more modern and less 'generic suburb mcmansion family room' look?
What type would be recommended?Correct. Being a wood-frame building, noise transfers really easily.Unfortunately for this building “hard surface flooring” includes porcelain, ceramic, marble, slate, quarry, limestone, travertine, glass, granite, stone, bamboo, cork, hardwood, laminate, resilient flooring, linoleum, vinyl or other materials.
We are currently in the process of completing a purchase of a condo, but got some bad news that the strata will not allow hardwood floors to be installed, which we were pretty set on doing when we did find a place. Was hoping to get advice/examples for carpeting that will still look particularly modern. I was thinking to focus on low-pile berber/loop similar to commercial applications, in lighter greys/neutral colours or a subtle pattern/colour texture. Thoughts?
So many comments, don't know where to start...
Recent post from the same individual on her journey's through Hong Kong... Keep in mind of her 'homely' figure...
Any photos of well-executed kitchens featuring non-stainless appliances? I am not too familiar with them, and can't really imagine anything other than the standard white, stainless, or the occasional solid black.
Adam Carolla did this in his kitchen (removed panels from appliances and took it down to a paint shop. However the results were less than spectacular, more to do with his taste than the process.Curiously, on his podcast he often waxes on about how he is into architecture and has a talent for design and aesthetics.*shudder*
Two recent ones: [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
Speaking of homely facebook women, one particularly 'homely' woman on my facebook recently broke up with her boyfriend and has since been posting screenshots of her conversations on POF along with what are supposed to be amusing remarks that have light feminist/thin privilege/girl power undertones. It's fucking annoying.
New Posts  All Forums: