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I just wanted to mention that Foo's new light fixture looks like a boobie. That is all.
http://jalopnik.com/ultimate-level-bmw-douche-double-parks-takes-bat-to-pi-1713911021 This is just too good... Coles: BMW driver parks like an asshat and knows it Truck driver trolls BMW driver BMW driver loses it and vandalizes truck Truck driver calls cops on BMW driver BMW driver thinks he is the victim
Haven't been following this thread lately, sorry if a repost, but... RELEVANT!http://www.theverge.com/2015/6/24/8840155/forced-dna-testing-mystery-poop-ruling
So how bout that new 510-hp RWD/AWD Alfa sedan coming to North America? Now with video (skip to 0:35 for DAT engine noise)
wrong thread
Bumping this thread as I just booked a week in Tokyo the last week of October at Sunroute Plaza right near Shinjuku station (might consider cutting Tokyo short and doing 2 nights in a Kyoto Ryokan). So far on my food to-try list I have... A sushi stand in Tsukiji (e.g. Daiwa Sushi and Sushi Dai; are other ones worth checking out to bypass the lineup?) a high end sushi place (e.g. Yasuda; I assume Jiro is probably way overbooked) Rokurinsha Tsukemen A higher-end michelin...
Dat electrical outlet doe
Let me guess... was it a pink Attolini tie?
I am surprised and pissed off at how many people on my FB care about Caitlyn Jenner, or they're only pretending to care just to seem progressive by sharing the damn Jon Stewart clip over and over.
I live in a heavily Asian area and so the local supermarket caters to them, so fortunately I can find it right at the fish counter there.
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