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I've always wanted to put a pair of truck nutz on a Miata, simply for the ironing.Now that I have one, I don't know if I have the actual balls to go through with it, especially with the top down for all to see.
Quick pic from garage this morning:Got it for just over $6k CAD with 142k kms (88k miles), which is on the lower side price-wise for NB's but not a steal. NA's around here have been blowing up, clean low mileage examples going for $8k.Owned by an old guy and wife over 13 years, bought second-hand from dealer. Very well maintained and clean body.Only immediate thing needed to fix it to baseline is a tear in the driver's seat leather and spongy brakes (hopefully just needs a...
After 8 Miata-less years from selling my '90, just picked up a '99 NB1 Miata yesterday. Navy on tan leather with torsen LSD.
Late 80s 4WD Corolla and Civic wagons were fire.
That's how I realized Edina Tlanta was a nice guy.
Ththat's more a result of poor calibration than resolution upscaling.
If it's just the caliper pins it shouldn't be much shop hours, but if they are to take the caliper apart to remove it, the labour itself is probably the same amount of time as replacing the calipers. Although it's doubtful that all four calipers would be sticking, requiring replacement of all four.
Fortunately, she hasn't posted pictures (yet), but this one big girl who's always getting over one ailment or another, has been posting about this seriously infected wound on her leg where she was hit by a softball many months ago. Talk of having to repack her wound every few hours, and IV antibiotics.
What's the deal with this 'bone broth' hype? THEY'RE JUST MAKING STOCK.
I naturally gravitated towards the Jasper Morrison one too as well at first glance.
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