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Just discovered this youtube series from Zagat: I would have edmorel-style spaghetti dinner with her any day.
For RTC:
For the Miata, any sort of chassis stiffening mods typically provide good bang for the performance buck. Look at frog arms, frame rails, butterfly braces, delrin door bushings (debatable of its effectiveness), roll bar.
I browsed 944's after I sold my first Miata, but even though they're in the same price range to buy, it seems like repair and parts costs are much higher. I had a BMW E30. It's fun-to-drive quotient doesn't hold a candle to the Miata. It handles well, but doesn't have that fun go-karty toss-ability that the MIata has.
Agreed on all points here.Definitely a no-no to fix rust with fiberglass. Typically on miatas the rockers are cut out and re-welded with fresh metal.
"Stranger Things" on Netflix. Saw half an episode, did nothing for me. I am sure it's a great show, but I was never into sci-fi fantasy, let alone 80's style.
http://www.miata.net/faq/99central.htmlscroll to "How do I tell if my NB came with a LSD?"
I wouldn't be too concerned if it was autocrossed. Tracked maybe. If it was autocrossed but driven normally on the streets and maintained well I'd be ok with it. In terms of mods and mileage tolerance, that's more personal preference.
I would go with more stock and lower miles than one that's modded, personally. Drive it stock for a bit and mod it myself when the bug bites.
In terms of resale, clean NAs are fetching much higher prices than similarly clean early NBs around here. Mostly from the nostalgia and hype factor.
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