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Hire a nice filipino lady.
My buddy who works at an auto auction house says they just sold a 2004 ZHP with 110k miles for $5700 CAD, seems like a steal.
Seen at least two different i8's here in Vancouver, and 3 or 4 i3's.
Did you have Thunder Crunch down in the states? Their Jalepeno flavour was amazing, still haven't found any brand that rivals it in flavour and heat, deep river's is close.
It's moreso having something completely unrelated to the aesthetic of the design (or, in the case of the analogy, the quality of music) affecting one's opinion of it after-the-fact.
I don't quite understand this logic. Why should the resemblance have any impact on your initial feelings of the design? To me, it's kin to no longer liking a band's old work because they've become too popular.
Did GF get an M4? http://jalopnik.com/how-not-to-explain-why-you-crashed-your-car-via-this-b-1677523538 Related video:
Sweet jesus, I just enlightened myself to Hirsh's post history, and I have no idea what to think.
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