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Fat friends who post their general health issues on Facebook to gain sympathy... The latest is one person who went to Disney Land and got some sort of blood hematoma in her foot that got infected because of a blood clot and had to spend her last day in a hospital bed. Pictures and all!
Did you use an architect's discount to buy furniture?
I've always said, the toughest part about doing Tough Mudder is not announcing on FB that you are doing Tough Mudder.
This goddamn kelp that is supposed to taste like bacon and is healthier than Kale.
This Old Navy fat-shaming story thing going around...https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10206950869952572&set=a.1962676828934.115633.1303239043&type=1Both what the daughter said and what the mom said were fact, and they were merely pointing out how large the garment was. They did not say anything shaming about people who would fit the top properly, they merely said it was a large top. There's nothing explicitly disparaging about what they said.
I just wanted to mention that Foo's new light fixture looks like a boobie. That is all.
http://jalopnik.com/ultimate-level-bmw-douche-double-parks-takes-bat-to-pi-1713911021 This is just too good... Coles: BMW driver parks like an asshat and knows it Truck driver trolls BMW driver BMW driver loses it and vandalizes truck Truck driver calls cops on BMW driver BMW driver thinks he is the victim
Haven't been following this thread lately, sorry if a repost, but... RELEVANT!http://www.theverge.com/2015/6/24/8840155/forced-dna-testing-mystery-poop-ruling
So how bout that new 510-hp RWD/AWD Alfa sedan coming to North America? Now with video (skip to 0:35 for DAT engine noise)
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