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So how's the fitness/diet regimen going?
^ same here
Salespeople... dragging their feet on getting me the info I need in order to do shit FOR THEM. Until it's crunch time, when THEY finally have some urgency and need me to get their shit for them last minute.
I think the demand of "make me a sandwich" would've been most fitting in this situation.
In my experience jack stands are a necessity vs. ramps are a convenience. You'll need jack stands for anything wheel/brake/suspension related.
Are you peeps buying yet or still hoping for a bottom?
Elaborating on Zippy's point, devices will draw only as much amperage as needed, even if the source can provide higher amps. Tablets usually draw 2 amps whereas previous gen phones drew 1 amp. A device drawing 1 amp will charge the same rate whether plugged into a 1 amp source or 2 amp source; as is the case with previous iPhones.Many current gen phones have been designed to draw 2 amps, which will allow them to charge faster when plugged into a 2 amp source. That's...
House hunting
Nice, complete with 2 piece BBS style 5s.
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