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Let's all be mature adults here.
Is there some kind of Code of Conduct especially for this thread that is different than any other thread in Fine Living that I missed? Something that separates it from the bickering and 'dat ebonics' in Cars we Drive that you contribute to yourself?If so, my apologies, but as far as I know, it's just as 'mature' here as any other thread.
Touched a nerve did I? And I didn't say Apple fanboi.I said AAPL fanboi, poking fun at the fact that the stock was down most of the day and after the announcement until the last hour, and now even further below yesterday's opening price. No argument here, that's what happened to the stock.As you pointed out, it usually dips immediately after announcements and it might be happening now, I might jump in on it myself.
It was down most of the day yesterday. Now currently down 2.5%. Lol these aapl fanbois and their confirmation biases.
What's the claimed battery life on the AirPods?
#courage #iphone7
Yup, that's called blipping the throttle. If you can do that in a turn while braking and downshifting simultaneously, that's heel-toeing.Rather than gripping and pushing the knob into gear, I find nudging it in the direction with an open palm/fingers helps with learning to not 'slam' the shifter. e.g.
Coz like, you know how big ice cubes melt really slowly, but then as they get smaller they melt faster? Same idea. /science.
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