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Thanks. Is 3 medium-sized cloves too many for 1 egg yolk?
I hand-made aioli this week, but it always turns out too spicy from the raw garlic. What am I doing wrong? Not enough oil?
L'inc and his stapler:
Particularly without some sort of stylus feature like the S-pen, I don't see much of the appeal of going for the 6+ vs the 6 if all else is the same.I also had an interesting thought, that the iPhone 6 might have higher margins for Apple than the 5 ever did. The 5 specs were pretty flagship at its time, but for the 6 it seems the raw hardware specs for it are not as comparable vs the flagship android phones (1gb ram, lower screen pixel density).This is not a bad thing,...
Annoying I'm sure, but at least they have some cultural connection to have that interest.I think there's gotta be some element of yellow fever/asian fetish going on with the white guys who are into it. You rarely ever see women exhibit the same interest/behaviour that are not studying it for some bachelors/graduate degree.
Caucasian/non-Asian guys who are suuuuuper into Asian cultures (particularly Japanese or Korean), to the point where they learn the language, watch the native dramas, almost strictly cook the food, and read anime.
I am amused at all the iPhone lifers complaining about the size, when everybody else has already been using larger phones for years now with no qualms after a few days of getting used to it. Months from now you'll have forgotten you ever complained about having a larger phone.
Shit, misread the Chipotle chicken recipe and put the actual Chipotle peppers (seeds out) along with the sauce (I am slow cooking it vs marinade and grill). Hopefully it's still edible and not ridiculously spicy.
Well, he specifically eats chicken breasts instead of chicken thighs, so that totally makes up for the macarons, Lucky Charms, and Five Guys.
I have a feeling with the new metal-framed Note 4 / Galaxy Alpha and the new iPhone 6, the gap between Samsung and Apple phones is narrowing.
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