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I like Old Navy Active tees, like $6 a pop.
I'd have thought by your age you'd kind of know to expect when your period would arrive...
Almost like a real life Subaru commercial... Rolls the car, gets back up, and still manages to win the rally.
The second pic in chrome screams Surrey Special.
My old company had an uproar one time when the 'health & fitness committee' chairperson suggested having a 'healthy food' potluck instead of the standard potluck.On a related note, I always get self conscious prepping lunch at my work kitchen when people see a plate piled high with meat and broccoli as they'll inevitably make some sort of comment.
Meh, that batmobile 6 series is old hat in the heavily mainland-chinese suburb of Vancouver:Not safe for eyes: [[SPOILER]]
Maybe he likes GF around as his asian boy-toy. Watching him while he sleeps, with macaron crumbs around his mouth and stale lucky charms strewn over his sheets.
You drive an M5, why are you sharing an apartment with a 50 year old?
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