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Yes, I got back on Canada Day. Didn't rent a car or anything as we stuck mostly to the strip.Had pizza at Five50 (great drunk food), happy hour at Comme (though they ran out of Pig Fries!), Mon Ami Gabi (solid as always), and buffet at Wicked Spoon (normally would not have done buffet but this was highly recommended by friends; was let down as I expected).Had wanted to hit up happy hour at Julian Serrano or China Poblano but didn't get the chance to.
did you like it, the chicken?
Just picked up a pair of Bushacres in Beeswax, wondering what's the difference in looks between using Obenauf's LP and Leather Oil?
Also, a clean E46 M3 should hold up, if not increase, in value pretty well in the coming years.
Flying out this evening, thanks for the suggestions!
Heading to Vegas in a few weeks and am looking for suggestions on more low-key casual dining places on the Vegas strip. Most searches on here and online come up with the typical celeb-chef high end places; difficult to weed out the cheaper/casual places. Something along the lines of Mesa Grill, Mon Ami Gabi, Todd English PUB which I've been before...
I'll just leave this here... Today in Vancouver: Edit: even worse up close... Driver is supposedly only 22:
Depending on how well it's mounted it on your dash, it might be better to not display at all considering a license plate pretty much acts as a flying razor blade in the event of an accident.
walked right into that one.
But, but... Milan Lucic is beyond good right now.
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