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Dat first paragraph doe, and then it gets worse...
Got a pressure cooker a few months ago, but over the weekend made SeriousEats' Pho Ga recipe, one of the more impressive things I've made with it: www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2015/01/30-minute-pressure-cooker-pho-ga-recipe.html Although apparently Pho Ga typically doesn't employ the anise and cinnamon that standard beef Pho does, it did come out awesome considering how quickly it took to make it vs traditional pho.
Dat Fiat 124 doe:
I had a response based on social media, but figured it would be better to wait and let foodguy speak for himself.
Here's my full dump from the Tokyo Motor Show, no filters or editing for the most part besides cropping: Tokyo Motor Show 2015 - Album on Imgur Select highlights:
Here he is channelling his inner McConaughey
It seems like it's always the fatties who are the ones publicly complaining about migraines and random health ailments on fb.
Barely even Piob'd the rim!
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