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OP here. I guess it's been about six years since I first began my quest for an SAB case, and about 5.5 years since I acquired my Westminster Wrap SS in London Tan. The fact that this thread is still going years later is a testament to the timeless nature of SAB cases and bags. I still carry the case every day to work, rain or shine, and its character has changed quite a bit over the years. I think it is developing a nice patina, and I still get frequent compliments. I...
Go for it! I love the Duoface. Especially the limited edition blue one. Mine has been an excellent watch. It's basically two watches in one: When I'm in my home time, I typically use the white side at work and the black side in more casual settings. When traveling, I typically set the black side to the current time zone and leave the white side on my home time. While it's simple enough to add/subtract in my head, sometimes (for instance, when jetlagged), it's easier...
Yeah I was very bummed to find out J.C. Randell had retired, and there is no consensus engraver who has taken his place. I guess I will get a quote from JLC.
A couple of new acquisitions for me and the wife: I love this watch. Pictures do not do justice to the depth of the red. Next to my Grande GMT: The difference in weight and thickness is amazing. This one is definitely a keeper. Next step: Engraving the case back.
You know the shoe: the Edward Green Grants made for RLPL. Except this pair will fit those with larger feet! Sadly, my feet are a bit too large (13.5D), and the shoes are true to size, so I've only worn them twice. But my loss is your gain. Included are the shoes, the exquisite original shoe trees (tempted to keep those for myself...), and original shoe bags. Price includes CONUS shipping; international shipping will cost extra. Price drop to $650 $600 $525.
This probably comes down to a resource question. If you have the resources, then why would you purchase a product that has a less-than-ideal fit and which uses less-than-ideal materials? If you can afford the best, then why not get the best? But of course, if purchasing a $1000, $2000, $5000, whatever shoe is going to cause you to skip a meal or, in my opinion, run up credit card debt (or even force you to scale back retirement savings), then you probably shouldn't buy...
Nice review and pics, superfilmbuff!Agreed. I very much like the way my SAB bag is aging and have not babied it at all.
Maybe I'll post some pics this weekend, but it mostly looks the same. Still one of my favorite purchases. That price looks about right, and if they're actually responding to your inquiries, I'd take advantage of that because they are notoriously slow. I generally use two gussets, but I do use all three on occasion. I like the flexibility.
Looks great, Vintage Gent!
I don't know if it's possible to have them remove a gusset. But I doubt you'll save much dimensionally with 2 gussets instead of 3. Thanks to the straps, the case can actually be quite thin if it's not full. I say better to have the space in case you need it; otherwise, tighten the straps to have a thinner profile.
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