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I got a similar email from Allison, that I take was a quote from Paul. I agree with Mike that it was extremely genuine and that we should be very understanding of the issues they are facing (significantly increased costs, few shoemakers, growth etc). Our special requests also generate more errors in the production line that result in discarded shoes that cannot be sold as seconds (custom etc), at a cost to them. Once the MTO line is up and running with experienced...
Does anyone know the reasoning behind the 'no discontinued styles' rule on MTO that was recently implemented? I can understand the 'no closeout pricing' as these are custom shoes, but if they still have the leather and the patterns it seems very odd that they would want to lost out on business. Case in point, I think many of us would pick up a pair of Eagle County boots after seeing these wonderful makeups that are so much better than what was originally conceived. In many...
Does anyone know if MTO orders through Allison get the sale pricing that is currently going on? I was looking to order some Cronmoks with the padded independence insole and the VIP outsole for the ultimate comfort casual boot. Also, can you request no perfing and pinking? More of an austerity brogue look.
Up for sale is a Filson Pullman in perfect condition with Tags. It is the light tan color and has plenty of room for whatever you need to throw in it. Famous Filson construction and warranty. This is a large bag - please take note. SOLD
Have the grey Voldis up for sale if anyone was looking for one of these. Link
Thanks for the interest, this is now sold.
i have an earnest alexander messenger just sitting in my closet if someone is interested hit me up. it is this one
Selling some Kudu Chukka's on the 'bay - size 10.5 $200
You can add England to the list as well. Browns has Modified last shells Boot Shoe Cap toe certainly seems to help the look
SOLD, thanks!
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