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AA AA Dockers Slim fit Swiss Army Infantry Stainless Cortez I normally don't wear the dockers at all but i decided to experiment before going to see Legion tonight. The Material on the Dockers is very good quality its impressive; the fit, however is bad in the legs. Lots of draping and weird billowing. I'm a 40r 34 waist 5"8
AA AA Dockers Slim fit Swiss Army Infantry Cortez
Hey, wondering what some of your opinions are on Sneaker fit. Should your shoes be really tight on your toes or is it better to give yourself an half inch of room. I been getting 11's but i ordered an 11.5 recently cause my toe feels like it is cramped. It doesn't hurt and its not too small just feels like a bigger would be better.
The union website scared me the products were so bad. I'd rather buy from wal-mart
Depends on how much of a statement you usually make. I am 100% sure i would not wear those with Distressed jeans. You could easily just get all white sneakers for 3 x less than the price of those and they would be a lot more versatile.
Thats the thing i don't know for sure. I wouldn't take the chance for 350, Even if you can return them the charge will linger for weeks and u might wanna buy some other shoe.
Just wondering if the quality of Crecs has improved. The last time i bought some was back in 2007 and they use to make my feet bleed when walking alot; also the heels use to scrape my foot causing sores. I read on their description that the shoes are now lined wondering if it is any improvement.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ant http://www.stevenalan.com/product.ph...roductid=17637 Yes, no? I like them, they look good/good for summer, but they're not very versatile, I don't think. for 350$ i would say not to buy. I am very particular about shoe functionality and from the look of the heel design I think they will hurt.
I think i'll pass on em.
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