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Wtf is posting that going to do ? lol
Its a fucking Earthquake, get over it.
LL bean is awesome if you actually do things outdoors; also work well in a city or rainy climate. I am definitely getting a pair of those bean boots for my next shoe buy. They will be awesome for the shooting range, rainy days in the city and other outdoor occasions.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jekyll Your username is incredibly tasteless. Oh no... A bunch of useless people with a useless gov't . Pull out the violin and donate billions , which is also useless. The response to Haiti has been incredibly ridiculous, over-hyped, and used to promote organizations. I forgot: lets all pamper the black people, oh no those poor helpless black people. get over it dude, it's life. I do have to give props to...
Quote: Originally Posted by hendrix A few months ago I was where you are at now in that i wanted to start expressing myself by what i wear. However, i figured out that this is very difficult to do without compromising the main goal of dressing well: to look good. There are some people on this forum (e.g. Leonard Leroy) who can express themselves and look good at the same time, but until i reach such lofty heights i'm focusing on doing simple things...
Quote: Y so SRS? I'm not a very happy guy. lol
Quote: Originally Posted by Listi If I was dropped into fallout 3 i'd choose these hahaha those work.
Quote: This is close to the type of color scheme I would've loved a year ago (I actually own a purple hoody that has gotten all of two wears). Now it looks gaudy to me. Moreover, the top isn't all that well fitting and the shoes clash with the Dockers. Small don't fit me. I been wearing a Purple hoodie since 07" I usually wear bright colors because i'm so cynical. My goal is to express myself in some other way. The khaki's were from when i worked at...
Quote: Originally Posted by cali510 First WAYWT blazer - zara shirt-armani xchange jeans- diesel larkee shoes-jv shirt-aa scarf-english laundry coat-scotch and soda jeans- diesel larkee shoes- jv converse Not feeling the scarf, I prefer neck scarves draped in a neat fashion. I don't think the JV Converse work in that outfit. Other than that I like your fits.
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