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any help, on the "petite new standard" jeans?
i havent bought apc jeans in over 5 years, sorry for another sizing question (search function doesnt work well when all the different model names use the same words): the New Standards fit me well in sz 32, size 31 in NS was snug but still wearable. what size should i get in the "Petite new standard" model for a comfortable fit? edit: im generally a true size 34
hey guys, I have a sizing question for the GBV button down shirts. I only have experience with the Overdyed oxford, which I got couple years ago so I dont know if anything has changed since then. for that overdyed oxford, a size M fits me absolutely perfectly (i am 5'10" and 170 lbs). i'm interested in getting one of the print button down shirts from Unionmade. Do these shirts really fit differently from the overdyed oxford? I ask because i noticed the measurements for...
since Sufu is down, i came here to ask: Will Self Edge SF restock the Flathead horseshoe keyring? also curious if NY/LA have any in stock. thanks
Awesome, so last week I received the wrong "web exclusive" camo shirt. i havent had a chance to contact giftman yet, but today i came home to another package from Gitman. Inside was the the correct camo herringbone shirt, and an apology note saying i can keep the incorrect shirt, as well as a coupon code fo rmy next order. YAY
well my "web exclusive" camo shirt from the Gitman webstore just arrived, and its not even the same camo pattern as the one in their picture, it's the same camo pattern as last time. now i have two of these, so if anyone wants a L, lemme know
speaking of the Camo web exclusive shirts, did anyone who ordered the camo shirt get any information about your order from Gitman yet? when i ordered it, i only got a Paypal payment confirmatino, no receipt from Gitman. they said the shirt would be shipped by the end of September but I've yet to receive the shirt or any information about my order.
does anyone know where i can find the light blue floral tab collar shirt still? places i've tried are sold out of my size. any help would be appreciated. thanks.
Does the light blue floral shirt fit the same (same cut?) as this season's polkadot (blue dot on white) shirt? t.i.a.
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