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unlucky. -226
Just received my pair last night and I love them! Applied a coat of Obenauf's like most have, but it did it in a hurry so I'll probably do another tonight to darken them a little more. If anyone is on the fence about sizing 1/2 down or going tts, IMO tts is perfect, considering I'm wearing them with medium weight athletic socks. I don't think I would've been able to size down comfortably. I'll be wearing these constantly and will post pictures as they break...
Quote: Originally Posted by dls6128 How can you recommend jeans without knowing what he looks like? Levis 501s and 514s fit horribly on me, for instance. Note the IMO I posted, the OP can always try them on for himself. That's why it's a recommendation, I'm not saying "go buy these right now'. -226
Quote: Originally Posted by JLay87 Hey thanks a lot for the advice guys; I've always been a perfectionist with this all-or-nothing approach to problems, and so when it's something bigger like this I tend to get overwhelmed. I've decided to just focus on jeans for now, and to go from there. The problem is, though, that I don't really know where to start. I actually wear tight jeans (instead of baggy), and so I'm not sure if the jeans I have now are a...
+1 to what the others have already said. Gorgeous shirt! I hope the experience was everything you thought it would be and more. I can't wait till I have the means to make a similar one. -226
Quote: Originally Posted by mlyngard Hmmm. I'd say an inch across (2" circumference) is an insane amount to taper and then to expect that the jeans will still have a good silhouette. 1/2" across is about as much as you might be able to get away with. I'd offer that you'd be better off selling/abandoning those and buy a new pair. Or try it and see, since they can be let out again. Full vintage legs are better off cuffed in that situation,...
Quote: Originally Posted by justpflo Okay thanks!! I always found it weird to wear cargo shorts haha. I think you'd be better off with plain shorts, but if you must wear cargo shorts just make sure they're not overkill. (i.e. having 26 different pockets on them) Have a good Friday night all, it is now 4:59 and I'm out of the office. -226
Quote: Originally Posted by rob Some great input here. Of course, like most women I know, she will go all Foo on me and just wear what she wants to anyway. But keep the comments coming. There may be force in numbers. Thanks. My girlfriend does the same thing. Also she's probably the most stubborn person I've ever known, so my efforts are always futile. -226
Quote: Originally Posted by justpflo Lol, what do you mean by that? It's a pretty common look, I don't think you'll have any problems wearing that combo. -226
Quote: Originally Posted by glowell222 A size 0 worried about horizontal stripes? A size 9, ok, but a 0? They have psychologists for those kinds of people. I'm just saying, I would want to keep it simple and highlight her figure. I think a solid color would work better, but the thick stripes could work well also. -226
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