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Just got these at an incredible price, couldn't pass it up. Only AE's but they're all my budget can allow for now...Someday...Vass... -226
Quote: Originally Posted by StanleyVanBuren Bean has a great return policy. I'd pick up a large and a medium and just send back whichever doesn't fit. Just thinking that! I read a few pages back and saw the large chest measurement was 24"! -226
Quote: Originally Posted by StanleyVanBuren Apart from fit (which is an individualized issue), I would say the shirts are very much on par with J. Crew in terms of quality. Thats what I needed to hear, thanks. Fit shouldn't be too big of a problem, most RTW in a size large seem to fit me very well, most of my shirts are un-altered. Even if they don't fit well, $10 at a tailor can change that. -226
So whats the general consensus on this line? Good quality for the money or no? I'm interested in their red gingham and blue striped oxford shirts and at $110 for both they can't be beat price-wise. As long as it's at a JCrew-ish quality level then I'll have no complaints. -226
Quote: Originally Posted by ProfessorShak For the past year I've been looking for a dark grey/charcoal sport coat that REALLY grabs me. With the new Century21 opened in Queens, I went in to see what they had and I found it I walked by the sport coats section and found that jacket. Dark grey with a very small houndstooth design, BOSS Black label and in my size, 2 btn with side vents. My budget was unchanged at $300 and there it was for $299. I tried it on,...
unlucky. -226
Just received my pair last night and I love them! Applied a coat of Obenauf's like most have, but it did it in a hurry so I'll probably do another tonight to darken them a little more. If anyone is on the fence about sizing 1/2 down or going tts, IMO tts is perfect, considering I'm wearing them with medium weight athletic socks. I don't think I would've been able to size down comfortably. I'll be wearing these constantly and will post pictures as they break...
Quote: Originally Posted by dls6128 How can you recommend jeans without knowing what he looks like? Levis 501s and 514s fit horribly on me, for instance. Note the IMO I posted, the OP can always try them on for himself. That's why it's a recommendation, I'm not saying "go buy these right now'. -226
Quote: Originally Posted by JLay87 Hey thanks a lot for the advice guys; I've always been a perfectionist with this all-or-nothing approach to problems, and so when it's something bigger like this I tend to get overwhelmed. I've decided to just focus on jeans for now, and to go from there. The problem is, though, that I don't really know where to start. I actually wear tight jeans (instead of baggy), and so I'm not sure if the jeans I have now are a...
+1 to what the others have already said. Gorgeous shirt! I hope the experience was everything you thought it would be and more. I can't wait till I have the means to make a similar one. -226
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