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Quote: Originally Posted by andfar Can you post a before and after pic? There's one posted on the previous page, mine look exactly the same. -226
Quote: Originally Posted by Froosh How's the quality of yours? I read the reviews on LL Bean and there are some complaints about the stitching coming out of the toe caps, or the heel separating from the sole, etc. Apparently the older Katahdins were better made. Also, are they treating these with oil before shipping them out, as jacquedelaneu above pointed out? I think the quality is great, I have no problems with mine. Even if you do, LL...
Quote: Originally Posted by dropout5 not sure why the OP is getting so much crap. it's not like he said these are the most high end shirts in the world, he simple wanted a relative comparison between the two to see which is viewed as higher end. Agreed. "These both suck, buy ___ polos" is not a relevant answer to this post. -226
Has anyone bought any polos from this collection? I mean shit, for $30 they're probably not the best around, but the colors seem very nice and they are free of any branding. The red Casco Bay polo looks nice with the chambray placket and the drake blue color that the saltwash polo comes in is nice as well. -226
Quote: Originally Posted by Hany Lacoste is the best polo in terms of quality. Great fabric, mother of pearl buttons and good fits. PRL have lower quality fabric that looses colour fast and unsightly plastic buttons. The choice for me is Lacoste. It just makes sense for casual wear and I've replaced my t-shirts by Lacoste polos. +100 -226
Just got these at an incredible price, couldn't pass it up. Only AE's but they're all my budget can allow for now...Someday...Vass... -226
Quote: Originally Posted by StanleyVanBuren Bean has a great return policy. I'd pick up a large and a medium and just send back whichever doesn't fit. Just thinking that! I read a few pages back and saw the large chest measurement was 24"! -226
Quote: Originally Posted by StanleyVanBuren Apart from fit (which is an individualized issue), I would say the shirts are very much on par with J. Crew in terms of quality. Thats what I needed to hear, thanks. Fit shouldn't be too big of a problem, most RTW in a size large seem to fit me very well, most of my shirts are un-altered. Even if they don't fit well, $10 at a tailor can change that. -226
So whats the general consensus on this line? Good quality for the money or no? I'm interested in their red gingham and blue striped oxford shirts and at $110 for both they can't be beat price-wise. As long as it's at a JCrew-ish quality level then I'll have no complaints. -226
Quote: Originally Posted by ProfessorShak For the past year I've been looking for a dark grey/charcoal sport coat that REALLY grabs me. With the new Century21 opened in Queens, I went in to see what they had and I found it I walked by the sport coats section and found that jacket. Dark grey with a very small houndstooth design, BOSS Black label and in my size, 2 btn with side vents. My budget was unchanged at $300 and there it was for $299. I tried it on,...
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