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Well, I gave the polos a shot and I'm actually quite impressed with them. The fit is spot on for me, the length isn't too short but doesn't have a huge drop tail. The fabric is very good as well. IMO, for $30 they can't be beat. FTR I bought the Casco Bay polo in red fade and the Saltwash polo in drake blue. If they expanded their range of colors/patterns, I would probably never buy another Lacoste polo. -226
Dark denim and navy or khaki colored pants. -226
Quote: Originally Posted by sexonfabric will they work well with raw jeans? Yes. -226
Quote: Originally Posted by wogbog V. tempted. Eh, I'm not a huge fan of those, but not bad. IMO there are better cognac/walnut colored PTB's out there. (see Alden) However, at their price point I can see how they would be very tempting. This one is entirely up to you, if you're feelin' them, then get 'em. -226
Vintage Rod Laver from J Crew. -226
+1 -226
Quote: Originally Posted by phxlawstudent Good point. I forget there is a broad range of Italian shoes. When I think of Italian shoes, my mind immediately goes to Bruno Magli & Santoni. All of the ones I've seen and owned have had incredibly supple leather. Although I do wonder if thats achieved by "tenderizing." Similar to pounding a steak. That's where my mind goes to as well, I just hate the old "any Italian/English made shoe is...
Quote: Originally Posted by phxlawstudent I don't think anyone thinks AE is in competition with the Italian shoe makers. Except in the broadest sense. AE makes one product for a certain group. Italian shoes are for another. I'm just wondering what his experiences were with the two. I've had Italian shoes that felt like plastic and my AE Fairfax's are like butter. -226
Quote: Originally Posted by OldSchoolCharm AE needs to make softer leather to compete against Italian shoes. Elaborate on this. -226
Quote: Originally Posted by Lafont I tried on the AE "Alton" slip-ons and they weren't all that comfortable, so I ended up walking out with the Cole Haan oxfords - greatly reduced from a "$250" retail price. I'm wearing them gradually indoors. So far, so good. -226
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