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^^^ I would say 1 and 3. The colors in the second are too similar to the first IMO. -226
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou Go with the Beans. I hate J Crew MacAllisters with a passion. Plus, the brick sole looks great on the Beans. That's what I love about the Beans too. Why the hate for the Crews? Just curious. -226
Ok, I need a pair of inexpensive tan suede chukkas for spring/summer. I can't spend $400 on Aldens right now, so I'm forced to look elsewhere. The two options I've narrowed it down to are the LL Bean Signature Buck Chukkas and the J Crew MacAllister What do you guys think? Or if you have any other suggestions I'd love to hear them. (no Clark's Desert Boots though, I'm not a fan) -226
I'm feelin' my cap-toes more. Maybe it's because of the horrible branding on the side of those, but I do think the cap-toe on the Katahdin is a nice touch. I think it helps set it apart from other "work" style boots. (see Red Wing GT) -226
Quote: Originally Posted by porcelain monkey What is the fit like in the body. I had a Casco Bay polo back in the day (15 - 20 years ago) that I eventually stopped wearing because it was too big in the body and the placket kept flopping open. It was almost like the extra chambray material around the neck was too heavy and caused the whole collar and placket to sit funny. Has anyone noticed this sort of thing on the new ones? For me, the fit...
Well, I gave the polos a shot and I'm actually quite impressed with them. The fit is spot on for me, the length isn't too short but doesn't have a huge drop tail. The fabric is very good as well. IMO, for $30 they can't be beat. FTR I bought the Casco Bay polo in red fade and the Saltwash polo in drake blue. If they expanded their range of colors/patterns, I would probably never buy another Lacoste polo. -226
Dark denim and navy or khaki colored pants. -226
Quote: Originally Posted by sexonfabric will they work well with raw jeans? Yes. -226
Quote: Originally Posted by wogbog http://needsupply.com/mens/brands/va...-leather.html# V. tempted. Eh, I'm not a huge fan of those, but not bad. IMO there are better cognac/walnut colored PTB's out there. (see Alden) However, at their price point I can see how they would be very tempting. This one is entirely up to you, if you're feelin' them, then get 'em. -226
Vintage Rod Laver from J Crew. -226
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