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Came across these in my hunt for suede chukkas. What do you guys think? I normally don't like oiled suede but i think it looks nice on this boot. Also, they're not much more expensive than the LL Bean's I was gonna buy. They're made by Loake for Herring. -226
Quote: Originally Posted by Arms_Akimbo I don't think people with real style buy clothes to impress. +10000000000 -226
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou The sole looks like shit. The flat toe box looks like shit. The overall cut looks like shit. They might as well be slippers. The Beans, on the other hand, look like they could be worn with anything from jeans and T to a cotton/linen suit. Yea, the Crew's are a bit sloppy looking now that I really compare the two. Thanks for sealing the deal for me. -226
Quote: Originally Posted by menofcharisma Great--I was looking at those polo's the other day just wondering how they'd fit. Besides the Casco Bay in Smoky Teal, I'm really digging the Saltwash Pullover in Rosewood. Something about that color pairing... Yea I like that rosewood pullover too, great colors. I wanted to get the teal Casco Bay, but I needed something red. -226
^^^ I would say 1 and 3. The colors in the second are too similar to the first IMO. -226
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou Go with the Beans. I hate J Crew MacAllisters with a passion. Plus, the brick sole looks great on the Beans. That's what I love about the Beans too. Why the hate for the Crews? Just curious. -226
Ok, I need a pair of inexpensive tan suede chukkas for spring/summer. I can't spend $400 on Aldens right now, so I'm forced to look elsewhere. The two options I've narrowed it down to are the LL Bean Signature Buck Chukkas and the J Crew MacAllister What do you guys think? Or if you have any other suggestions I'd love to hear them. (no Clark's Desert Boots though, I'm not a fan) -226
I'm feelin' my cap-toes more. Maybe it's because of the horrible branding on the side of those, but I do think the cap-toe on the Katahdin is a nice touch. I think it helps set it apart from other "work" style boots. (see Red Wing GT) -226
Quote: Originally Posted by porcelain monkey What is the fit like in the body. I had a Casco Bay polo back in the day (15 - 20 years ago) that I eventually stopped wearing because it was too big in the body and the placket kept flopping open. It was almost like the extra chambray material around the neck was too heavy and caused the whole collar and placket to sit funny. Has anyone noticed this sort of thing on the new ones? For me, the fit...
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