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^^^ Good call on those, sri. Comparable quality to AE and Loake, and those Belgraves are pretty sick. -226
Quote: Originally Posted by scott.m yes to woolrich piece above my post, pretty dope. I just picked it up on teh Bay. It's a piece from the 1940's and in immaculate condition, I think the colors are great too. Thanks for the second opinion! -226
What do you guys think of these? I've been looking for a tan suede chukka that wont break the bank and these are within my price range. -226
My vote goes to the Strand. However, I'm a little biased because the AE 5 last looks very good on me and fits like a glove. Either would be a good choice, but I agree with the others in saying that if you can find the Strand discounted, then go for it. -226
Quote: Originally Posted by Cherokeepilot Folks......... Is there a change in Allen Edmond shoe's linings colors that is taking place or is it just me. I picked up two AEs in cordovan recently with black and dark brown interiors. Is this a new trend for AEs or do I need a new pair of glasses............. 73s 1) We definitely needed a whole new thread started just for this. 2) I have no idea if they've changed their liners. 3) Why...
Came across these in my hunt for suede chukkas. What do you guys think? I normally don't like oiled suede but i think it looks nice on this boot. Also, they're not much more expensive than the LL Bean's I was gonna buy. They're made by Loake for Herring. -226
Quote: Originally Posted by Arms_Akimbo I don't think people with real style buy clothes to impress. +10000000000 -226
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou The sole looks like shit. The flat toe box looks like shit. The overall cut looks like shit. They might as well be slippers. The Beans, on the other hand, look like they could be worn with anything from jeans and T to a cotton/linen suit. Yea, the Crew's are a bit sloppy looking now that I really compare the two. Thanks for sealing the deal for me. -226
Quote: Originally Posted by menofcharisma Great--I was looking at those polo's the other day just wondering how they'd fit. Besides the Casco Bay in Smoky Teal, I'm really digging the Saltwash Pullover in Rosewood. Something about that color pairing... Yea I like that rosewood pullover too, great colors. I wanted to get the teal Casco Bay, but I needed something red. -226
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