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Quote: Originally Posted by EL72 They're fine except they're not suede. Maybe I'm confused. They're listed as suede. I know they are oil treated, but wouldn't they still be suede? -226
Quote: Originally Posted by TheBlackBruceWayne ordered mine today (Strand) think i made a stupid move on my part, in that i didnt go try them on in a store first...but confident they will fit. As long as you got the width right you should be fine. The AE 5 last runs TTS length-wise IMO, but some people find it to run a little narrow. -226
Great thread, I love how on this forum I would be considered fat at 6'1" 190lbs. I think it's just all of the "short guy syndrome" SF members that say "oh yea, well my jeans are a size 27, so ha!" Like many here with athletic builds, I got it from playing sports (mine is hockey) for the majority of my life and have a deep passion for it. I don't know about you guys, but I'll take that over being able to size down 3 on my denim. -226
Quote: Originally Posted by cptjeff Isn't this a fucking amazing country gents? -226
Vintage 1940's Woolrich Woolen Mills jacket off EBay. -226
^^^ Good call on those, sri. Comparable quality to AE and Loake, and those Belgraves are pretty sick. -226
Quote: Originally Posted by scott.m yes to woolrich piece above my post, pretty dope. I just picked it up on teh Bay. It's a piece from the 1940's and in immaculate condition, I think the colors are great too. Thanks for the second opinion! -226
What do you guys think of these? I've been looking for a tan suede chukka that wont break the bank and these are within my price range. -226
My vote goes to the Strand. However, I'm a little biased because the AE 5 last looks very good on me and fits like a glove. Either would be a good choice, but I agree with the others in saying that if you can find the Strand discounted, then go for it. -226
Quote: Originally Posted by Cherokeepilot Folks......... Is there a change in Allen Edmond shoe's linings colors that is taking place or is it just me. I picked up two AEs in cordovan recently with black and dark brown interiors. Is this a new trend for AEs or do I need a new pair of glasses............. 73s 1) We definitely needed a whole new thread started just for this. 2) I have no idea if they've changed their liners. 3) Why...
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