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I own a few pairs of Levis 501 STF, never had a crotch blow out. All of them have turned out just as good, if not better than APC's or Nudies... And I spent as much on all of them as you would one pair of Nudies.
I tried searching it for you and unfortunately they didn't come up anywhere. Your best option would probably be to email Brooks Brothers and ask if your size might be coming back in stock. If you don't have any luck, check Cole Haan's site. They're shoes don't have as thin a sole as the BB's, but by no means are they thick or unattractive.
Quote: Originally Posted by chrisb0109 I would assume that he likes the aesthetic that a thin sole provides. I also prefer a thin sole like he mentioned. I'm not a fan of the larger soles on AE's and Aldens. Yea I wasn't sure if there was another reason, he seems pretty hell bent on having thin soles. I do like the look of thin soles, however for me it's not a necessity. Demondeac, just pull the trigger on those BB's. They're...
Those BB's should be fine, however I haven't seen many shoes that feature the thin bottom that you prefer so that might be your best option. However, if you eventually find you don't need the thin bottom, then I would recommend Alden, Allen Edmonds and Cole Haan. Just curious, why the need for the thin bottom?
Yea I love Cole Haan boots. Sleek, classic styling and at outlet store prices they can be had for well within $150. The cognac colored oxfords will work nicely for now until I find a boot that really catches my eye. Well, actually a lot of boots have caught my eye, just not within the average 21 year old's price range.
Yea would definitely need an attention getting top half, I have a few lighter jeans that would look great with them too. I hope the quality is decent, they're Italian made Cole Haans, got them for the top of my price limit on Ebay. Their pairs made in India etc are very inconsistent quality wise, but you can get them on sale at an outlet for under $100. mensimageconsultant, I would welcome any suggestions you may have on what to pair these with.
If you are looking to get rid of any Ralph Lauren, Rugby or RRL jeans in a size 34x32 let me know. Darker washes preferred but will review any.
Those madisons are nice, I have heard complaints about the quality but they still might be worth a shot...Ive also been looking at a cap toe oxford for dark jeans and dress pants, what do you think of these?...
I just picked these up, should go nicely with either dark or light jeans...
Ok, I'm in the market for some wingtip ankle boots. I'm a 21 year old who recently graduated school so spending hundreds of dollars on shoes isn't possible at the moment. (If it were, trust me, I would be buying RM Williams or Alden etc.) I came across these and I wanted to get some opinions. I absolutely love Doc Martens, but for this kind of style I usually look elsewhere. I'm looking for something to wear with jeans and khakis and I think these might work. All...
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