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Quote: Originally Posted by zissou shore- if I had to pick one for you to keep, I'd say A. B screams 'grandpa'. +1, I would say A is simple, not boring. It'll go with just about anything too. -226
Quote: Originally Posted by slappy Except for the penis on the toe I really like those Never really looked at it like that, nice catch! -226
handmadeshoes, those are sick. Mine would probably be my newly acquired AE Fairfax's. I love the combo of the wholecut, punch brogueing and medallion toe. -226
Quote: Originally Posted by DLester post fit pic +1 Personally, I cant wear them with a 34 waist, but still I rarely think they look good even on guys that wear a size 28. I do think it looks odd, I like jeans to have a little break in them and the painted on look doesn't do it for me. -226
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira alcohol How do you apply it? Dab with a rag, rub it in with your finger etc? Thanks! -226
Levis LVC 506XX jacket, made in 1997 at Valencia St. -226
Anyone know how to get permanent marker out of leather? -226
Ice cold from a glass bottle However, I recently tried it with Grand Marnier on the rocks and found it to be quite delicious. -226
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol i have an illogical hatred of anyone who manually types a signature into their posts - the cunt As do I of anyone who has a dramatic black and white photo of a woman as their avatar. -226
Quote: Originally Posted by thomasec Trying to decide between these two Our Legacy shirts: or: I keep on going back and forth..... Door number 1 -226
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