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Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Look for the rare ones with the 451 degree welt. Smokin. - B Haters gonna hate. But my vote goes to Vass, EG and JL. -226
Quote: Originally Posted by westinghouse I bought some white linen pants that I would like to pair with a black linen shirt for the summer. The question is can I wear black shoes with them since I am matching my shoes to my shirt? Do the neutral white pants technically tie them together? The same could be said for cream and tan colored pants. Your thoughts, please. I don't see why not, but my choice would be a tan or medium brown suede...
Anyone have experience with the C&J 224 last? Does it run large, small, TTS? Thanks! -226
Quote: Originally Posted by darkdream ^ +1 what he said... the sides need to be more gradual. +1 Still looks good though, you seem to have the right type of hair for that cut. -226
Yea I'm 6'1" 195lbs, wear a 34 waist and I don't consider myself fat. And do all of you short-ass stick figures out there seriously think you're any healthier just because you have a size 28 waist? -226
Quote: Originally Posted by intent I hate you. +1 -226
Quote: Originally Posted by asdf What size did you order? I'm just slightly bigger/taller and wanna give these a shot. I got a large. It had ever so slightly more room in the body than I wanted, but a warm wash tightened it up just fine. I think a large should be perfect on you, just wash it on cold and hang dry. -226
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff why are you a 42R when you wear medium in tshirts? you should be a 40R. i wear large in tees and 42R. 16neck I though the same thing, I'm a 42L and wear a large in tees, 34 waist. The one thing I never have trouble finding in my size is shoes, I'm an 11D. -226
Raw denimzz -226
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou shore- if I had to pick one for you to keep, I'd say A. B screams 'grandpa'. +1, I would say A is simple, not boring. It'll go with just about anything too. -226
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