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I broadsided a tree last winter rushing home from school. Luckily I sustained no serious injuries (the cop said I should've been killed), but my left shoulder felt like someone was trying to rip it out of my body for about 2 weeks. It wasnt torn, I had no broken bones, but for some reason it hurt like a motherfucker. -226
Quote: Originally Posted by Ludeykrus They should have had sandpaper-clad strippers giving lap dances until denim failure. Much more relevant. But on a serious note...I completely agree. -226
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr.K I would go 7.5 to 8.0 inch also. I like a slimmer look, so most of mine are at 7.75". Looks fine with my size 6 shoes. Anything bigger than 8" looks too big with my shoes size. Ah, good point, I didn't even take shoe size into consideration. I wear a size 11 and I think that 8.5 widest that would still look good. -226
Quote: Originally Posted by UK2004 What do people think is the ideal width of smart jeans where they rest on smart casual shoes, pictures would be great! Are you talking about the leg opening? If so I think 7.5 to 8 inches is good for shoes, boots can look good with up to a 8.5 inch leg opening IMO. -226
Quote: Originally Posted by rebel222 C&J for Barney's is US sized. Then does the 224 last run large? That seems pretty long for a 10.5. -226
I was wondering this too. I came across a pair of chukkas made for Barney's and the size is listed as a 10.5D, but they are 270 welted and measure 12" from heel to toe. Most of my shoes measure 12" and I wear an 11D. I'm going to have to assume that these have the UK size written on the inside. If anybody has had experiences with the C&J for Barney's can you comment on this? -226
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Look for the rare ones with the 451 degree welt. Smokin. - B Haters gonna hate. But my vote goes to Vass, EG and JL. -226
Quote: Originally Posted by westinghouse I bought some white linen pants that I would like to pair with a black linen shirt for the summer. The question is can I wear black shoes with them since I am matching my shoes to my shirt? Do the neutral white pants technically tie them together? The same could be said for cream and tan colored pants. Your thoughts, please. I don't see why not, but my choice would be a tan or medium brown suede...
Anyone have experience with the C&J 224 last? Does it run large, small, TTS? Thanks! -226
Quote: Originally Posted by darkdream ^ +1 what he said... the sides need to be more gradual. +1 Still looks good though, you seem to have the right type of hair for that cut. -226
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