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Can anyone recommend some slim-straight high-rise options (~12 inch rise and ~8 inch hem on a ~33 inch waist) for denim, chinos and wool trousers?
Something heavyweight would be interesting, like 12-14 oz cavalry twill.
I am really impressed with my Gustin chinos. The long wait for delivery aside, the Japanese brown are really great. Incredibly solid construction, high enough rise to tuck and stay tucked, pair as easily with calf leather and a blazer as they do with flannel and roughout. I had considered giving up on the Gustin model, given the lead time on delivery and the sizing inconsistencies I've had to deal with, but these pants are so good I'm going to go another round.
They are not as good. Leather is much lower quality than what Red Wing uses.
My brown chinos just shipped. I feel like 4 months from campaign closing to ship date is longer than it should be.
So my new Walts have some pocket flare, I think from a combination of the sanded canvass making up a little smaller than the last pair of Walts I picked up (moleskin) and 30 km a day of biking giving me juicy booty. How hard an alteration is it for a tailor to fix? Is it just letting out the booty a bit, or more complicated?
Can anyone comment on the fit of Air Pegasus 83s? I'm a Brannock 10, owned a pair of Air Zooms in 10.5, wondering what the sizing might be in the suede model.
This is the best thread.
Hey Team Gustin, how much shrinkage would you expect from hot-washing Naturals? The waist on my recently-arrived pair is a bit bigger than spec, and I'd like to tighten them up a touch.
Are there Rancourt stockists in Seattle?
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