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So my new Walts have some pocket flare, I think from a combination of the sanded canvass making up a little smaller than the last pair of Walts I picked up (moleskin) and 30 km a day of biking giving me juicy booty. How hard an alteration is it for a tailor to fix? Is it just letting out the booty a bit, or more complicated?
Can anyone comment on the fit of Air Pegasus 83s? I'm a Brannock 10, owned a pair of Air Zooms in 10.5, wondering what the sizing might be in the suede model.
This is the best thread.
Hey Team Gustin, how much shrinkage would you expect from hot-washing Naturals? The waist on my recently-arrived pair is a bit bigger than spec, and I'd like to tighten them up a touch.
Are there Rancourt stockists in Seattle?
Hey guys, I'm trolling through Yoox (because there are days you have to do that, and today is that day for me), looking at side-zip/back-zip/chelsea/jodhpur style boots. I'm wondering if anyone can comment on the quality/construction and sizing of the brands Gianfabri Amalfi, Dsquared, and Docual's.
Any chance of Walts in the military twill?
If you were going to a summer wedding, and the only suits and sport coats you have are entirely too heavy, what Epaulet option would you go for?
Can anyone speak to the difference between Blake and Fuller chukkas?
Apologies, didn't mean to come off as a dick. Yes, the thread is very comprehensive and super informative; that's my problem. Ava Gene's, the Japanese Garden, the shopping section, Multnomah Falls, Expatriate. Ned Ludd's, Stumptown Roasters, the OX, the food carts, all the public art, etc would take more than 2.5 days to properly appreciate, and my lady friend and I are looking to take things a little slower than usual while there.We're both pretty easy on flavour, but we...
New Posts  All Forums: