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Posts by bananananana should have the info you're looking for. Off the top of my head, there are the big 5 accounting/consulting firms, monitor group, at kearney, booz, mercer.
Aren't Fuqua and Wharton the top schools for health sector management MBAs? My guess is that because of his experience and existing connections, reputation won't matter as much anyway though, and just a preference of west vs. east coast.
Econ at cal is what people choose after they get rejected by haas for undergrad business. To OP, if you're really serious about your goal, and it seems like you're not, go get an internship and job in the retail industry. Even if someone said, margins are around x-y%, what the fuck does that even tell you?
Looks good rfx. Mine are coming tomorrow.
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 [[SPOILER]] Dammit, have those same ones "processing" for me still. Looks good though and like the slightly off tone Y on the back rather than all white.
damn both my and mrporter orders have been "processing" for at least 1 whole day now. Mrporter order was Monday night and still processing, barneys was yesterday morning...
That looks even smaller on you than the stooges did on rfx. Don't know what size you got there but there's a L on yoox as well.
damn you guys getting my dick hard with all this talk about the ravello wingtip boots. can't wait now for them to come.
Quote: Originally Posted by LeatherSOUL (Thanks Fok for the approval of this post.) All CPs are now 30% off with free US shipping at LS Waikiki. This is a Style Forum only special. FYI, we stock sizes 38-43 only. Call or email us to check inventory. Calling is recommended. (808)922-0777. when did this start happening?
Whiskey LWB in pretty much every size available on shoemart now for those interested. Ordered the ravello wingtip boots. Surprised both of those have lasted on the site for so long. Usually rare colors/styles like those seem to vanish in hours on leathersoul.
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