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As the title says I'm ISO a Beaufort in the olive or sage color, preferably size 36, but I may consider a 38. Let me know what you have! Thanks!
Acne Hep Raw denim size 30/34 worn around a dozen times for only a few hours each time and never washed. Originally $225.Asking $80>$70 shipped Con US. The pictures included have some of the measurements, but if you would like more just pm me. They show almost no sign of wear. Cheap Monday model five 30x32 worn around 20 times and washed. Bought for $70 asking $35>$30 shipped Con US. The measurements are pictured below, but if you would like more just pm me. They are in...
SOLDJcrew Utility jacket size small. Fits very trim and looks damn good. Originally $118,but asking $60>$50 Shipped Con US. It has been worn less than 5 times and comes from a pet free and smoke free home. It's a great fall weather jacket, perfect for the upcoming months Thanks!
Clemson University!
Well, just bought my first pair of allen edmonds and need a pair of trees to keep them looking fresh. would prefer a full heel, but i'm open to suggestions. Once again, my shoe size is a medium width.
I've wanted ricards forever, and they are in my size. Oh lord...
I'm taking all of your advice into consideration. Basically my options are to join a more renowned frat that one of my friends is going to be pledging(b/c his brother is in it, "Beta Theta Pi"), or to join a frat that just started a new chapter at my Uni called "Kappa Sigma." I have at least 5 friends in Kappa Sigma, but it's just starting up so i'm not sure if the experience will be the same, This could either be a good thing or bad thing. Not to mention, 3 of my friends...
Are there any real benefits? Besides the parties, women, and social events? As a M.E undergrad would pledging be a good idea during one of my toughest semesters? I have plenty of really close friends so sociability is not the issue. Would being a member of a prestigious IFC Frat help me on a resumé or gain connections when seeking a job? Advice is what i'm hear for, not critical bullshit. Thanks!
This is a superior "southern" brand. Only the highest quality materials and products. It's a great visor and the white color has become incredibly hard to find and is not currently available on the website. It is new without tags, I'm not a visor man! $23 shipped
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