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Haven't worn this hoody in a very long time as it just doesnt fit me anymore, i have broad shoulders and started lifting again. Email is the fastest way to reach me:
Only worn a handful of times, its too small for me as i have broad shoulders started lifting again it no longer fits me. This hoody was sold out when i first bought it and seems to still be popular. Email is the fastest way to reach me
I have pretty wide feet and these fit more like a 9 i wear a 9.5 in vans snugly Only tried the right shoe on, other than that these are brand new More of a shiny finish instead of a matted 45 shipped in US fastest way to get to me is:
yes, its the one from fall08 its a dark gray color and its size Medium, im looking for a LARGE, i only tried it on for size and its a bit tight on me fastest way to get at me is email
These are prices shipped to Us if your intl let me know so i can figure it out Up first are a pair of saucony jazz the original color scheme grey and blue NIB never worn, sister bought the wrong size sz 7 Mens 35 shipped NIB never worn sz 7.5 SB Neptunes 70 shipped Vintage Duffle Coat Sz M pit to pit: 20" (good for layering underneath) arm length: 21" collar to waist: 31" 90 shipped
Quote: Originally Posted by hitokiri8 While my vision was not as bad, I had Lasik done by Dr. Mandel ( just over 2 weeks ago. I was -3.25 in each eye and one day after the procedure I was 20/20. Uh..shit is -3.25 that bad? fuck i have -4.25 and 4.25 and astigmatism...and im only 19 oh good god. Quote: Originally Posted by Mr T Not just no but hell no. There is not enough valium in the world to...
Quote: Originally Posted by bure I-C-E Spiked is the best spiking gel, and I've tried lots. It's thick and holds well Yeah that stuff will definitely kill your hair, i used to use it because i have really thick coarse asian hair. But now i use Gatsby's ultra hard wax which is really nice. especially if you have textured hair you can just put some in your fingers and mess your hair up and itll do wonders. really recommend it, you can get it at...
When you sweat, it means that there is usually an amount of heat that your body can't handle and is trying to find ways to cool it down, right? I've also looked into that surgery for hyperhydrolisis. The one where they pinch or severe a nerve ending in your near your spine or something similar to that. Just out of curiosity wouldn't that mean your body would find other places to sweat from?
Quote: Originally Posted by HomerJ Also, there's these tissues that my wife gave me, from Japan, that sucks up oil. I don't know where to get these but you could probably google it. You carry a small pack of them and when you blot your face, it really sucks up the grease. They're called oil clear sheets and your probably using the Gatsby brand. You can find these at your local japanese store Mitsuwa or whatever or wherever you can find...
Fat tire 32oz bottle :]
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