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so is a discount meant to show up somewhere? I still don't see anything after adding a whole lot of things..
i got an email from thecorner talking about this wishlist thing. anyone know more?
^ yep site is down for me too. i hope the things in my cart are still there. with my luck i bet they are gone though. oh well.
^ thanks for clearing that up! yes i thought it may have been something like that. i was aware they did that twitter discount thing a good while back too. ah i should really pay more attention or just buy more in general.. oh well.
.. how do some people have tbs codes and others don't? does anyone know the criteria for being sent one? .. that being said if anyone has spares or if in australia can add some things to their order for me i would be eternally grateful!
sale link is now up on mrporter front page (UK and AUS shipping destinations) but only links to sale now closed page .. i really hope they haven't gotten parksandbond troubles too..
^ i see no email from tresbien for me is it only for recent customers?
I am size 28 (slim/skinny) in trousers and of course have managed to miss out on allll webstore sales that stock my size. I also see that 99% of stores are even sold out of rrp stock trousers in that size (lncc, thecorner ssense and aloharag for example) I assume that I will have to wait until after Christmas for restock? I guess it's also safe to assume that most of it will be newer season stuff? Not too fussed about discounts at this point to be honest... I just have no...
Thanks for that! I'll keep an eye out when sale starts (no pun)Can anyone else rec some more glasses on sale anywhere? I am after large square frames.. dita ...geller etc.Given up trying to be on time to get any sort of discount on CPs...sigh
Do webstores get restocked before sales very often? I bought some of the last shirts in my size from Mr Porter using the 20% code but I see they have not restocked any BB shirts in small sizes for a long time now. Smaller sizes in other brands are gone/sold out too. I really hope I don't miss out again this time if there is a second sale. Everything sold out from my cart last time
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