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Yeah, thought about the vegan thing, too. Lord only knows, sometimes we as humans think we are all mighty and know everything. Well, looking around, we haven't solved a lot of things. It is a balance, more respect, more being a bit more aware.
Surfrider, Go Dude! We are out of the Dark Ages (maybe that's too optimistic), but we can be more responsible. It's just finding the right vehicle or media which can effectively make a difference. It is also knowing something is right or wrong. One can point at culture and/or tradition and use that to justify anything. As for whales on the brink of extinction, well had it not been for the responsibility of a few, they probably would be. Same with tuna. But closer looks,...
Actually, I don't eat tuna. But you are right about nets. Nasty thing. I've never been into delicacies. The point is, we have the technology now to resolve many things. If we are 'so far above' animals, you'd think we could figure out responsible and 'more humane' ways of handling our food chain. Again, it's just a matter of choice. Kinda looking at a bigger picture, wouldn't you agree? Thanks for your answer.
Here's the point. We are at the top of the food chain. We all do eat meat or have at some time. The ones who really like meat, the responsible ones, have worked out ways to farm the meat they like. Not true with whales. Probably why there have been less attacks on dolphins is because they are more in the spotlight. If someone were to actually prove these creatures think, are smart and have the ability to communicate, well that would be a problem. Although purely SF,...
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