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Oh, yeah, I see what you mean. Maybe 6.5 is statistically more popular than 7.5 or 10.5. I dunno....sizing based more on the Asian market / previous purchases?
$865 CDN funds for me before shipping, duty, brokerage, etc. Not a deal for anyone within North America. Plus, I don't think that Country Derby pattern looks as good on the 2030 as on the 2040 last that the samples were made on.
They note that it's UK sizing and is true to size.
Sorry....incorrect post
Some nice stuff up on the new Viberg websit.....anybody buy anything??
double post, my apologies....damn mouse must be sticking
What is the big deal? When the boots arrive you'll get them. Am I the only one here who remembers a time not long ago when stuff was sent and you didn't obsess about looking at a smart phone app to track your package in 5 minute intervals?? What about looking at the big picture that includes getting an awesome pair of boots at a ridiculous discount - isn't that worth some waiting for delivery? I mean, come onnnnnnnnn..............................
The chukkas just looked over and said, "Too bad it's meso.".
Other than the cordovan boots(not in my size), my faves from the sale were 112, 113, 114, and 120. Also, not in my size. Anybody else dig these....? Certainly the 2030 last size selection was not in my favor today.
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