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Hi i got a suit with this tag too! do u know which manufacturer it is now? thx!
Can anyone tell me which is the manufacturer of this Gianfranco Ferre suit judging by the tag? I dun think this is a zegna and hope if sb can tell me which the maker of the suit is. thx! btw, this is a canvassed suit. thx!
i'm sorry to bring handbags into this forum. yet doesnt allow me to post for 5 days after registration. i just knew a brandname called Goyard. has anyone heard of it? from your wife or girlfd perhaps? anyway, i would like to know how the following brands are ranked in terms of handbag prestige and price: gucci, lv, goyard, valextra, hermes, balenciaga. pls kindly help me. i'm buying a present for someone.
i swear it's an hermes from the tag revealed.
ditto. man, do they have the best looking ties ever. Stefano Ricci ties look like toys when being compared with the lorenzo's. if they are good, i definitely will buy from them.
if you get a discount, it's totally worth buying. i have a SR tie and a shirt. they speak for themselves. SR is especially proud of its exotic leather products. i heard that they can compare with the Hermes counterparts. PS i'm a SR fan
we are dressed to impress people. only if the people in your surroundings like should you wear it. in japan, there are a lot of hilarious t-shirts: a kanji word that tells people you are cute (moe), your strength and your magic power in an online game way. they have a huge market. that being said, make sure you do not look gay in the shirt.
nice shoes
i have a budget to get one of these crocodile belts. please judge by their popularity, appearance, quality by brand, prestige or something about the larger the scale the better the belt is.
Quote: Originally Posted by furo 8/31: 4 MORE SHIRTS ADDED! (2x Keaton Collars, size 15s, and a size Medium) what colors do you have? preferably lavender(purple) and red
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