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I've just picked up a pair of classic Vans checkerboard slip-ons for the coming summer.  I hadn't thought to get much use out of them, other than beachwear and the like.  To complete the laid-back, 80's So-Cal, chilled-out, Spicoli-esque vibe, I'll be pairing it with a few pairs of Op Classic Collection board shorts. So here's my question:  other than that, does anyone have any other ideas as to how you would (or do) wear these classic kicks?  I vaguely recall another...
I would go with a very simple, yet timeless, elegant, andsupremely stylish alternative, reminiscent of old Hollywood types (read: Gary Cooper, Cary Grant).  With that suit, at that occasion, I would go with: - white, spread collar, french-cuff shirt - simple cufflinks (thinking of my own collection, I'd use basic, stainless steel Tiffany links) - plain (perhaps with a bit of a sheen) black, silk tie - simple pocket square (probably a basic white) - well-shined...
An Example by Missoni suit was the very first I bought when I graduated law school a few years ago. Frankly, I was disappointed. Boxier than I'd hoped, with mediocre fabric and tailoring. I'd be curious to hear how yours turns out, Bjorn.
I think those shoes are perfectly acceptable with suit or tux, particularly given the applicable age group we're dealing with. I think that style -- including the square toe, which I think lends a nice edge -- is far more likely to be viewed as cool and stylish in this context than most others, and is infinitely preferable to whatever horrid, low vamp shoes many of the other attendees are likely to borrow from dad for the evening's festivities. Renting, of course, is...
Stu:  How is the cut, as compared to other makers?  Slim, full, boxy,tapered, etc.?
Droopy necks on t-shirts and undershirts are a pet peeve of mine. My favorite brand in this regard is 2(x)ist. For only slightly more than the Hanes/Jockey types, I think 2(x)ist offers the softest cotton and best fit out there (short of the truly upscale and incredibly expensive, like Zimmerli). And the necks on the shirts I've bought have held up beautifully.
Thanks for bailing me out, Bryce. I appreciate the help.
Hi, all.  I've put together a decent list of potential purchases in my shopping cart on Bluefly, only to find my promotional/discount code has just expired (as always, my procrastination gets me in trouble). Does anyone have a discount code they'd like to share?  Thanks in advance.
At the risk of offending at least several of the Forum members -- tasseled shoes, worn with suits. In my profession (attorney), they're the default/fallback shoe for virtually every unstylish, usually middle-aged or older-lawyer around.   I have yet to see a pair worthy of wearing with suits that I would deem as remotely stylish.  Can anyone show me otherwise?
I'd recommend a sturdy canvas number from Jack Spade.  Not terriby expensive, a nice blend of style and rugged durability, and perfectly cool in any number of instances.  Mine's tan with black trim and strap. I've carried my personal effects in my Jack Spade all over Italy, Spain, and a bunch of states here at home, and it's been both functionally and stylishly terrific.
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