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haha! Got it, I'd rather stick to the old terminology -- chicken broth.Thank you. I used the slow electric cooker, threw in the carcass with heart, liver etc, 2 chopped celery sticks and half an onion -- left it at medium for 6 hours. Delicious!I was having it every evening after work straight -- nectar of the gods.Thanks. Did the classic style with just onion and celery.
Thank you! :-) What is it traditionally called?Much thanks!
How do I make Chicken broth at home? I bought the chicken bones from the store for the broth but dunno how to go about it?! Any suggestions? Simpler the better. Warm the bones in water with salt, butter, onions for 5 hrs, perhaps?
Kadhai Paneer with feshly roasted and grounded peppers and spices:
Mine is expected by Wednesday.
And it has been shipped!!!
Had a great 'bespoke' experience with Joe Hemrajani last evening. Joe was here in San Francisco yesterday at Hyatt. I had booked an appointment with him for measurements. I showed up at my stated time and then it was just a breeze. Him and his son were working it together. Joe personally took my measurements and noted all the details I wanted. He showed me his work on different kind of shirts, jackets and needless to say, I was sold! Exceptional service from the...
Cheers FG!! Have been of great help
Thank you!
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