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Talking about suits in movies, was recently watching rerun of 'Intolerable Cruelty'. Anyone know who did Clooney's suits/shirts/wardrobe? Apparently, they styled it on Cary Grant's wardrobe from back in the day. I thought the shirt collar sticking out was pretty good.
I will be there!
And the best shall it be
Makes sense a lot. But isn't this just a better way of saying, "keep compromising"?
Thank you for the suggestion - will try it out next time around.
We always have this issue. Whenever we've re-loaded them in the oven, they've always lost their crispness and turned out soggy. I talk about fried stuffed dumplings (pakodis), cutlets, samosas.
1. Should have had my head out of my ass, a.k.a, career-focussed 2. Taken active control of my life 3. Learnt Game
Good food, great clothes, better company - thank you for putting this together! All the best to you lefty.
Will be there!
C'mon OP, come down to SF, of San Francisco fame, and we'll see what me and my buddies can do for you...I personally will introduce you to some random women in random places.
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