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Don't they stop aging once in the bottle? Or am I confusing them with scotch?
Anyone tried Michael Pozzan 2015 Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon? Thoughts?
Thanks. This is what I was looking for --
Any updates on the shopping experience here? How are the fits, fabrics in general? What is anyone intending to buy from them? Thoughts? Discuss? Am in the market for a bunch of slacks, jeans and pretty much over-haul my wardrobe. Was thinking of SuitSupply and looking for any experiences/feedback.
Thanks for the rec on APC/RRL -- will check them out.
Thanks MoK -- will check them out this weekend.
Thanks! This weight loss has already been a cash burner! 4 of my Diesels have been rendered useless as you can clearly see from my postings here on the interwebs! And that's only a start!All jean recs welcome.
Thanks for the feedback -- APC look promising.Thank you for these great resources, will look into them and peruse them!From your post, couple of things learned:with jeans and a sportcoat, wear something casual. Not a dress white shirt!no leather-soled shoes with jeans. Preferably boots or country derbysNarrower leg opening are fine for jeans for all agesIf those jeans are 32", go for 31" length?BTW, what jeans is @NOBD wearing in that pic in the article you referenced...
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