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Formosa -- that's all!
Indeed a great book -- of course, Influence by Cialdini is gold-standard! Cialdini's Pre-suasion that just came out, is good enough -- if you like this genre.
Recently made a few lifestyle changes -- primarily around my diet. Apart from cutting carbohydrates, I also cut down on sugar which led me to 100% dark chocolates! I am sold. Some of the ones I have tried are, in no particular order, Sampaca, Akesson's, Arcana, Dandelion's, and Artisan! So, what are your thoughts? Conching I believe is the method to look for --
The best! With just a drop of water -- symphony!
DBs need to be shorter! I just don't get long DBs, IMHO
That jacket -- major swoon!!
And the Men of Formosa shall congregate to break all SF rules:
Been a while! Might just make it
Thanks. Will do!Thanks, I had them altered already.
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