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Quote: Originally Posted by Lonneker Interesting; I would have expected you to be more supportive of the US economy after you said the following: THE CALLOUT. Just kidding. Although I don't know the context -- I mean to say that I did not read the thread from which you drew that quote -- it seems the two posts are not inconsistent. His views seem perfectly reconcilable. He's critical of fraud, thinks mainland Chinese companies are...
Have you thought about emailing Tom Kaulitz's assistant or press contact? It might be a long shot, but you could claim that you're writing a piece on the fashion of certain artists in his genre and are interested to know the details about that outfit (include the pic).
What kind of logic is at work in this article? It strikes me rather like: "Do you prefer a MacBook Pro to a MacBook? Wake up! Both are made by the same company..." It seems to ignore the possibility that the same company produces goods at variable levels of quality, with different components, different features, different materials, etc. Perhaps Chanel orders premium manufacturing, whereas Ray-Ban selects the budget option. Is that so far-fetched?
Quote: Originally Posted by bkstone Not bad from a business point of view. That way they will avoid wasting time in locations where there is no demand. Are there really no better ways to gauge demand than to deceive the consumer and waste his time?
I believe it had to do with them 1) advertising the fact that they were selling TF products despite an agreement not to and 2) putting them on sale in a manner which violated the terms of their contract with TF.
The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our shoes, but in ourselves, that we are underlings! If you're having doubts, don't wear them. There's nothing less fashionable than someone who looks uncomfortable in his clothing. If you know deep down you can rock them, then do it, and don't look to others for approval.
Do you still have the items? If so, send me a PM.
Quote: Originally Posted by BareSolid Go with black, I wore medium-grey socks with charcoal trousers and black shoes the other day and was frightened to sit down because it looked so stupid. Yeah, I've done this before. Not a good choice.
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